Pastels for Summer


In Summer we tend to wear bright colors and pastels. I have to admit that I wear also colors in Winter and I am not so into black (only when I want a more sexy look). I have purchased these tiny little pieces of clothing some years ago and I wear them only in crucial situations (haha). This was the case a week ago. What do I meat by “crucial situation”? Well, I refer to 32-34 degrees. If you ask anyone that knows me quite well, they will tell you to stay away from me when the weather forecast foresees a hot day. I am super grumpy and aggressive. I do not want to talk, to interact, to do anything! This is why this type of clothing on those days are very welcome.

I hope you also noticed my new blogging partner Murka 🙂

Pastels for Summer Pastels for Summer Pastels for Summer

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