Hoferfashion Total White Look


A complete #Hoferfashion outfit! Yes you see it right 🙂

For me Hofer has always been something that I related to food, this is why when they invited me to see their clothing collection I had to go and see it. I was very positively surprised to see that I wanted each and single piece from there 🙂 They had on offer very nice and good quality clothing and accessories. I was asked to pick my favourite pieces and compose an outfit. As this event took place before I left for Dubai, I chose a total white look that I can take with me (you will see it in the post from later this week about my safari trip, where I am wearing this outfit).

What do you think? Do you like the outfit?

PS: I also found my Prince Charming there 🙂

Hoferfashion Total White LookHoferfashion Total White Look

*total outfit from Hofer

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