Furry Details


Today is a furry situation day 🙂 Don’t worry is not real fur.

I generally loved these kind of scarfs in the Winter over the coats. I kept on seeing the around for years and I always thought they give an elegant aristocratic touch. Yet, I never owned one until now. Here I am not wearing it over the coat (I promise to do an outfit with my initial idea soon), here I am showing you how make your total black look a bit more bright.

I had the other day one of those “I have nothing to wear” kind of situations. In those moments I like to wear something classic, like a total black simple outfit. One cannot do wrong with that, right? on the way out of the door when I was searching a scarf to take with, I spotted this one and decided to take it instead. It kept me warm and I liked how it felt and looked on me. What do you say?

Furry Details Furry Details Furry Details Furry Details Furry Details

Furry Details

Dress: Mango // Shoes: Humanic // Scarf: Six // Backpack: Zara // Pompom: APreciouZ


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