Big big changes! I just got in the key from my new apartment and I super-duper excited! I have so many ideas of how I want it to look like but I am aware that it will take a pretty long time!

As I already started packing everything, I am a bit “out of clothes” lately. I have to improvise with what I find easy in all the boxes and is also suitable for work.


Here, I am sharing with you my outfit from some days ago. It was a cold day and I took the advantage of wearing my new shoes which I adore!




    Thanks RobbI was feeling pretty good until I saw the results of the NZ election tonight. Labour seem to have lost most of their seats to the Maori party which gives a strong message to Labour. The Greens are looking good to take at least 6 seats. But can we trust National with environmental issues ? Let’s give National a chance.You have a good weekend too Robb. Arohanui.Bob

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    hahaha, ja precies, de bloemenvaas, die ken ik! Ik heb nu een gigantische accubak van dertig bij dertig. Die krijgen ze lekker niet om. Gna! Het broertje van Mingus, Oscar, had altijd de gewoonte om bloemen uit de vaas te trekken en die legde hij dan netjes naast vaas neer. Vaaaaag…


    Hvad er en taser, og hvordan vil du bruge den?Deler dit syn pÃ¥ TdF. Jeg kan bare ikke lade være med at tænke pÃ¥ at de ødelægger sig selv mens jeg ser pÃ¥ skidtet. SÃ¥ jeg slukker for TV’et og er taknemmelig for at jeg ikke bliver tvunget til at se det live.


    Boys have always been bullies or bullied. While this is sad, they would all have been charged with sex crimes if they did fool around with each other sexually like we used to do in the “good old days”. The world is now in the throes of a phobia about sex, especially when it comes to the younger crowd.

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