Back to school


This outfit reminds me of a school outfit. Maybe I did not wear such short skirts at school, but somehow the combination reminds me of that. Also I like very much the simplicity of it and the fact that none of these clothes (except my shoes) were actually bought by me. The skirt I received it from my babe Evelyn and the blouse and vest I took from the wardrobe of my Grandmother. If you followed this blog for a whole now, you most likely noticed that I have quite some pieces from my Grandmother’s or Mum’s wardrobe. I like the quality their clothes have, the uniqueness, and the stories they have 🙂

That i all for today folks! I need to get back at work! I have tons of e-mails for ApreciouZ to answer, to picture some new products that I want to share with you and take care of my injured boyfriend. Wish me good luck!!!

Kisses and talk to you soon!

Back to school Back to school Back to school

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