Leather look


Another leather type of day! While loading the pics from yesterday I noticed that I might have developed an obsession for these type of pants that I got last year from Zara. It is simply the perfect substitute for me for the jeans this season. And as the sweaters are very much in also, it can simply not get any better than that. I am considering of stalking up on some more colors and styles. I think I want a burgundy pair also. What do you say? Any other color that you would suggest that would not be “too much”?

And a side note – these are not real leather 🙂 As I decided 4 months ago to be vegetarian (ethical reasons), I also stopped buying leather products. Of course I cannot afford throwing away all the leather things I have (especially shoes), but I decided not to buy anymore leather products. So far so good…the only problem is that the nice shoes are most of the time leather and here is were I struggle a bit. But I am sure I will find the perfect substitute soon. If you have any suggestions please share with me. I will appreciate it 🙂

That is it for now. I will start working and take care of my emails.

See you later loves :*

Leather look Leather look Leather look Leather look

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