What can be easier to wear than a T-shirt???

This piece is a must and has been and it is in everyone’s wardrobe. Over time it took different forms, different colors, different designs, to fit to every single taste!

The ones that make the biggest statement nowadays are the one that transmit a message, the ones that catch you eye in one second. This is why, Likoli T-shirts are one of my favorite choices currently: simple, easy to wear, and hilarious messages.

As I wanted a lady-like, yet playful look, the Zebra T-shirt was my choice for today! 🙂

Turquoise Vintage Dress Fashion Magazines

Golden Vintage Earrings Fashion EditorialLikoli Zebra shirt with an elegant outfitLikoli Zebra t-shirt Editorial Creative IdeasRed Wine Yellow Roses AgendaCreativity Time Agenda with Red wine Yellow RosesGathering Ideas Fashion Designer Kalancea Likoli Shirt Likoli T-shirt/ Vintage Skirt & Earrings/ Accessorize Belt

Photos by Michael Eichert

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