One of my hairdo routines


Today I want to show you my hairdo routine to get out of the house. I have tried recently the InStyler. I did not hear of the brand or anything about it before, and I was very curious to try it. I was never a big fan of all these type of things to straighten your hair or curl you hair. Yet, having a shorter cut right now, I have difficulties making it look nice in no time.  I use the brush which falls down over and over again, or I dry it in the wrong direction, or I simply cannot reach all the parts of my hair and at the end I look messier than before. And over time I got tired of all this and I was curious to see if Instyler cat do some miracles. I tried it and I am quite satisfied. It does the job for me 🙂 It is easy to handle (just don’t keep it too close to your skin cuz you will burn yourself a bit – talking from my own experience), it rotates by itself, and I look after 10 minutes way better than before. For a quick fix I would recommend something like this to anyone. Did not try to do something else yet…but I have time to experiment  🙂

One of my hairdo routinesOne of my hairdo routines One of my hairdo routines One of my hairdo routines One of my hairdo routines One of my hairdo routines

*In friendly cooperation with InStyler


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