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*Die Produkte wurden mir von Max Factor zur Verfügung gestellt.


We do not really talk a lot about my favourite beauty products here on the blog, but once in a while I like to share with to you some of my favourites. Generally I am not really a fan of wearing too much makeup on a daily basis and this is why it is important for me to have something that fulfils my expectations for the daily use.

Since I am self-employed I work a lot from home and this is also another reason why I like to wear the basics when it comes to make up.

A must for everyday is the MASCARA!!! It changes completely my look and it makes me feel fresh and ready to concur the day. I guess we all have tried many different brands and types of mascara until we found the right  one, am I right?

I know I tried many and I already have some favourites on my list. Yet, I like to keep on searching for even better ones as the designs and the structures are in a continuous change and you never know what treasure you will discover.

This week, I received from Max Factor their new Voluptuous False Lash Effect Mascara to try it. It immediately became my “daily must”. I like its spiral design because it separates and defines very well my lashes and I can reach even the unreachable places. It’s special design with wide bristles gives a lift effect and opens your eyes and gives you a sensual look (you know what I mean , right? those perfect eyelashes that gives you the confidence needed?). And not to mention the extra volume boost – hence the name of Voluptuous. For me volume is as important as the other aspects. As I have not been blessed from mother nature with big curled eyelashes, I need a little help. This is why a mascara that can offer a big volume boost is needed and this one from Max Factor does the job thanks to its micropearls components. What else can I wish for?

The number two beauty product for a daily look, is the lipstick. I actually have a small obsession for them I think. I have more than 30 to 40 different types. From red to pink to black and basic nudes 😊 it all depends on my mood that day.

So this are my essentials for a daily make up + fresh flowers 🙂


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