Lately I keep on hearing a lot around the discussion if it’s a good thing or a bad thing to ‘groom’ yourself in front of your partner. Personally, I don’t see a right or wrong. For me it’s mainly what you’re comfortable with, what you feel good about.

I know couples who will lock themselves up in their bathrooms for a whole day to ‘make themselves pretty’. I know couples that have no issue whatsoever exposing themselves in their full glory when shaving & Co. And I know couples who do some things openly and some things when they’re alone.

I bet you wonder to which group I belong, no?

No worries, I won’t tell you. But I will share with you my thoughts on some conflicting aspects which seem conflicting when you start to think about them in more detail.

On the one hand, why ‘hide’ the process as the hair on our bodies is something natural and we shouldn’t hide anything (expect our private parts when we’re out and about in public boys and girls!).Some argue, why shave at all, but that’s an entirely different discussion.

I hear a lot: “we’re together for so many years now, why should I always hide this process?” or “he’s always home, I don’t have any ‘alone-time’!” or “we don’t care about these superficial things, we know each other very well and value other things”. Reasonable arguments or excuses? I let you decide J.

But think about this: do you think you’re still interesting and desirable after your partner sees you as if you’re at a gynaecologist’s table waxing your legs and private parts? (in case you’re not going to a salon) Why is it that at the start of a new relationship we feel the need to be ‘picco bello’ and once we know we have him we stop caring about these things?

SAME APPLIES TO OUR GUYS!!!! (my love, in case you’re reading, I’m very happy with our current ‘routine’, no changes needed)

What’s your opinion on this? I’m really curious to hear different points of view… maybe there are other types of routines I haven’t heard of 🙂

Please share… you know what they say…. sharing is caring!

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