Let’s talk about lingerie, the sexy kind!

I’m a lingerie addict! I have a huge collection of different sets, colors, shapes, and anything else you can imagine (yes including the kinky stuff). I’m not a collector, I just like to wear sexy lingerie. Doesn’t matter if I go watch a football game or go to the theatre, I make sure to always have something delicate and sexy underneath… who knows what can happen (kidding…or not).

My luck was to have a mother who taught me the importance of appreciating myself and my body. Not because this will make my partner very VERY happy, but because it will make me happy.

I might not have applied all her ‘lessons’ (for example eat healthy and do sports), but when it comes to what I wear, I tried to be the best ‘student’.

A lace bra with a matching slip makes me feel confident and makes me like what I see in the mirror. I see it as my ‘superwoman armour’. I can’t explain how much I love seeing the look in my man’s eyes when I show myself to him. It’s a bonus!

I’m not saying you should go out and only wear lace sexy underwear, but try to find that design that makes you feel special, that gives you ‘superpowers’, your secret armour. Even if this detail is not seen by others but only by you and your partner, it’s still super important.

My mum always tells me: “make sure to give the same level of importance to the clothes you’re wearing underneath as to the first layer of clothing, the layer people see”. It’s like when you meet a new person. You first see the outer shell, the one they’re trying to portray. Only in time people open up and show more of their true selves. Hidden details can tell you a lot about people, even their underwear.

Please, don’t go out and start undressing people or ask them to show you what they’re wearing underneath :). But simply keep in mind that the small details, also the unseen ones, are helping us in our day-to-day happiness, wouldn’t you agree?

And as a bonus, your sexual life will increase drastically! Not only because your partner (man or woman) will be aroused by the sexy lingerie, but because they will be aroused by the confidence you’ll have, which you get by wearing the right ‘armour’.

Give it a try, it doesn’t hurt anyone!


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