It’s impossible to satisfy everybody, so stop trying!

This is something I’m telling to my friends nowadays. For a long time I tried to satisfy everyone around me except for myself, even sexually… There were times I cared more about how my partner felt without thinking of me. I’ve faked so many orgasms, thinking about it makes me sad. Being a ‘good Samaritan’ didn’t bring me much.

But I think I got a bit side-tracked over here….

…so getting back on track.

At work, with friends and with family, a lot of us tend to make compromises, taking into consideration other’s needs over our own. We don’t think about ourselves. In the long run this will hurt you and as a consequence the ones we’re trying to satisfy too! I tended to blame people for things they did and didn’t do. But I never communicated my needs and what I wanted from them. So how the hell could I expect them to know? I was only trying to satisfy them, no wonder they had no clue how to satisfy me.

I’m not saying you should become a complete egoist and stop trying to please anyone. What I am saying is that the more you show your true self the better your relationships with other people will be. Faking an orgasm will make him think he’s doing a great job and there’s no need to improve his performance.

So what I am saying is: no matter if it’s about sex, work, friendships or family… know what you want, what you expect from others and make it clear!

Not communicating, only complaining after bad sex, the horrible friends who never listed to you and family that doesn’t support you with your big life dreams will not bring you any further!

We have only one life… try live it happily!



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