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I AM 30

The other day I went to the Fashion Camp Vienna and it was one of the best things ever!

This is not a post about praising everyone and saying how amazing everything was (which in fact it was and the girls as always did a wonderful job – congrats!!!), but about something that I finally understood for myself.

I’ve participated to one of their first events when we were still a small group of ambitious and passionate bloggers who wanted to share our stories, outfits and make virtual friends. It’s great to see how the scene  in Austria developed in the last 4-5 years. From a small group of 15 girls to almost a 100 that participated now. I was WOWed! I’m happy to see that the blogosphere is getting bigger and keeps developing. One thing I noticed though: the increase in number of bloggers seem to result in a proportionate decrease in  friendliness and cooperation. It didn’t feel anymore like a “small family” with whom I’m working together and with whom I want to build up a community. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule!!! I guess the ones identifying with my previous statement will share this wide and loud… please feel free (it is free publicity for me 🙂 ). 

Anyway, I should get back to why this was “one of the best things ever“. I realised I don’t fit in the scene anymore. I started the blog with the idea of having a small diary, sharing my “outfit journey” and shopping habits. I loved doing that and it’s great that I could share this with you and I will keep on sharing. But for the reasons I mentioned above I don’t think I have the same focus and passion as I had before. I know it might sound cheesy what I’m going to say, but I AM TOO OLD FOR THIS – I AM 30!.

I noticed that my interests moved more to topics such as personal development, developing something new, create, get married, make kids (someday maybe), build up a house, a family, sex, food. I still love fashion and shopping, but I don’t feel like this is something I want to share anymore.

It was nice when I was in my early twenties, when I didn’t have too many other things on my mind (ok, with the exception of sex and marriage). But this “scene” belongs to the other great bloggers out there that have an amazing style and are a great inspiration. There are so many young talented girls that do a great job.

I simply want to share something different. I will still talk fashion with you, but I would enjoy to share my thoughts and frustrations of the additional wrinkles, extra cellulites, wedding planning, how to keep our man happy, how to dare to be ourselves and not be afraid to start over and much, much more.

I hope you will enjoy this journey and come onboard. If you have suggestions of topics, or if you want to share your story, just write me!



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