Let’s first start with me being WOWed! Not as a person (which I am to some people). But to the many positive impressions and private comments I got about the new direction I want to go with the blog. I honestly thought that only my mum and I are reading what I’m posting here.

I’ve put a lot of thought into where to start. I want to share and hear your opinions on so many topics (note to self: make a list!). I would love to start with sex but I also don’t want to scare you all away. So, I’ve decided to talk to you about my first crisis when I turned 30: my boobs. Yes, you read it correct. Suddenly, gravity seems to exert a much greater influence (if you know what I mean).

I know there are girls that don’t have this problem because their “jewelries” are of smaller size, so this is why you should appreciate their size after you turn a certain age!!!

I remember when I was younger and my mum used to tell me “wear a sports bra when you do sports”, “cream them with an upward rotation when you cream after shower”, she even suggested to me to cream them with a special gel that was giving them firmness. I used to think “Nonsense! They’re looking so pretty and they will always stay like that”. Wasn’t I naive?

Now I have to say goodbye to no-bra t-shirts. I couldn’t even join the “half boob out” trend (I didn’t really want to join, but would have loved to have the opportunity). I know it might sound strange, but after 30 you really get to see a change in your body. I know it doesn’t just happen from one day to the other, but I guess after you hit 30 you realise it. How your shapes become woman’s shapes and not a girl’s anymore. How the pizza you ate late at night takes you couple of detox juice days and hours in the gym and not simply skipping one meal the next day. How you can’t party two night in a row without feeling miserable the day after. And there’s much, much more. I don’t want to depress you ladies (who aren’t 30 yet), but no matter how comfortable your couch is and how much you love junk food, if you still wanna look all good and sexy, take care of your body!

I used to smoke, to drink, to eat all the crap in the world, to avoid any type of exercise and now I wished I would have listened to my mummy. I still look good and my boobs are still pretty but they don’t point forward anymore, but start to face down hill… and this annoys me. And I know that if I wasn’t so lazy in my 20’s I wouldn’t need all this extra effort now.

I know that nothing will change after you read this post, I read many similar posts when I was younger and didn’t change anything. But I hope some of you can relate to my story and share my frustration with the direction your boobs decided to go. My man is still super happy with them, I think he doesn’t even notice a difference (yet). But to avoid him notice it one day, I started doing a lot of front presses in the gym, wear that sports bra, cream them with upward movements, and I’m even considering to get that gel my mum told me about 🙂

Note to myself: listen to your Mummy!!!


  • bianca

    hahahaha so can relate to this! stupid gravity!!! no one needs its effect on boobs ….or generally on everything related to your body. also doing a lot of squads for getting the booty back I had buhuuu …but yep, 10 years without almost no sports show its effect…

  • carmel

    Join the over 30 club :). You know what age brings- it brings taste. It brings confidence. It brings self awareness and acceptance. Fashion wise you probably look better in your 20’s but you don’t have the same self acceptance age brings. Youth comes with insecurities. Even though your boobs are super perky.

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