Acceptance. We demand a lot in our lives and from the people that surround us. Still, do we give in return the same? I just encountered myself with a situation where I was constantly demanding certain behavior in different situations. My excuse was “this is how I am and this is what I need”. Perfectly true, people should accept us the way we are and not try to change us (ok ok small changes here and there are accepted)

But, being frustrated in not getting what I need in certain fields I started thinking “do I offer what is needed if the situation is vice versa?  Do I accept how the other person is, or what she/he needs?” The answer was “not really” !

Therefore, I was asking myself “why do I expect something from other people if I, myself, am not willing to offer?” So, now, before complaining…I will question before myself 🙂

Winter Look Kal dress burgundy boots-2

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 Zara Cardigan/ H&M Hat & Necklace/ Vintage Boots/ KAL dress & Belt


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