APreciouZ,  KAL


Well … we pulled it through in the end and we manage to finish our first “project”. I know I did not talk about it before, just mentioned it once or twice here and there…and unfortunately still cannot divulge everything…
But from this post you are getting a small “sneak peek” of one of the pieces of the hard work that my friend and I were doing for the last 2 months.
It all started with a pizza and a glass of wine J
No, it was not the wine, but it did help our creativity at that hour (just kidding)
Let me know what you think! And I promise that very soon you will see all the pieces from the “puzzle”…
I am wearing:
Dolcis Boots
Zara Jaket
H&M T-Shirt
KaL Skirt
Necklace (soon to be disclosed)

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