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“Showing off” at Belvedere!!!

In one very silent night I dreamed about a simple coral dress that has semi-transparent sleeves in electric blue nuance…

The dress was colorful and suitable for the office.

In my dream the dress was also perfect for a nice cocktail night with my friends when accessorized with high heels, a statement belt and some fancy jewellery.

As I am a strong believer that “all dreams come true if you believe and work for them, this is what I did the day after in the morning, made my dream come true!!!

Couple of hours of work and voila!!!!!

As a first styling, I accessorized it with a statement APreciouZ Necklace and a pair of flat sandals.

Belvedere Palace in Vienna

KAL dress with APreciouZ necklace

Kalancea with APreciouZ necklace

Rose and Blue KAL dress Belvedere

Rose and blue KAL dress

KAL Dress/ APreciouZ Necklace/ H&M Sandals

Photos by Michael Eichert


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