I like wearing bright colors in Winter, especially if there is snowing outside! Can you imagine a total white/ dusty pink outfit in a snowy white scenery? Wow- loving it!

Ill at home and not being able to keep myself aways from the online shopping, I thought of finding some of the pieces that I want to spoil myself with, and create my outfit to be worn when I am better again. I found this great white vest from Cecil, and from there my whole outfit idea begun.

I knew this is the piece that I wanted so I had to build the outfit around it. Surffing on cecil site, I found also the right pulover to go underneath it. From here I started to think if I wand a skirt or a dress… until I saw the burgundy pants. I am looking for some time already for pants to replace my jeans (at least once in a while- there is never something better to replace jeans I know!). There are so many choices out there, so many different cuts and colors, and this pair it fits to what I want: burgundy, skinny, and high waist.

So I found my weekend outfit and now I needed to pimp it up a bit. How can that better be done than with some accessorizes and very chic shoes?

I am kind of obsessed with this style of “boots”. They are all around and I think that it is a style that you either love it or hate it. I seam to start loving it and just found the first pair I want to have!!! And of course the golden jewelry could not miss 🙂


1. CECIL Vest, Pulover, Pants, Scarf from

2. Shoes, Bracelet, Necklace from

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