Yummy Pasta


As you know me over here already, I am not the type to post recipes or anything like that. Yet, you might not know some aspects about me that I would like to share with you now 🙂

Let’s start with the beginning… since I was young I did not cook at all. I did not know how to do anything else then an omelet. Everyone was saying that I should start learning how to cook otherwise I will starve when I move out from my parent’s place.

Later on I moved to Amsterdam with my studies and I had to start cooking for myself. I started with easy meals, sometimes I even had my mum on Skype telling me if I am doing right.

Then I moved to Vienna, following my ex love over here and started to cook even more. Slowly I noticed that I really enjoy it and I was curious to try new things. Yet, I am bad at following a recipe. I like to get the guidance but then use it as I see it suitable. So I started to experiment and got people always falling in love with my food.

Another thing about me is that for 8 months now, I decided to become vegetarian. One day I watched the documentary “Earthlings” and from that moment I could not eat meat anymore. I haven’t  dropped all the animal products (like dairy products) but I am conscious where am I buying them from. Also I am still eating fish. Since I am vegetarian I bought many cooking books to get some inspiration about what can I cook and how can I substitute the meat. I discovered so many new things and so many yummy recipes.

This recipe is not one of them 🙂 Is just an easy meal to do when you have almost nothing and need something easy, quick and tasty 🙂

I am thinking of maybe starting to share more often different recipes that I cook. What do you think about that?

So here it is. As quantities, just put how much of each ingredient you like 🙂




-Pine Nuts



Yummy Pasta Yummy Pasta Yummy Pasta Yummy Pasta Yummy Pasta


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