FOOD! Who does not love eating? trying all different specialties, flavors… my boyfriend and I for sure do ­čÖé

Even if you would not think that of me, but I do like cooking. Not as mush as eating of course….

As I want to “show-off” a bit with my “chef” skills I decided to make a post with one of the dishes I made the other day.

It does not have a name because it is done with my favorite ingredients and of course with what was in the fridge. I did grilled turkey file with basil and avocado feta salad. Simple, healthy, easy to do and delicious.

Btw, food lovers, stay tuned, something new is coming up soon but shhhhhh- cannot tell you yet ­čÖé

healty meal receiptChicken breast pepper avocadochecken breast with basil and olive oilSalat keramikmesser in gru╠łnfeta avocado parmesan pumpkin oil saladhealthy basil chicken with salad

Photos by Michael Eichert


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