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As you all know, I am also the lady behind ApreciouZ. I am since two month focusing on it 150% and my entire day and week just goes around it. Also, now that I have more time to take care of my passion called ApreciouZ, I also have more time to participate at different Pop-up Stores. I did not do it before and only recently decided to check it out and I think it is a good option for the start-ups. To make sure you have all the insights to this, I am having today a guest blog post from lovely Katharina 🙂


And btw, you can find me this weekend at the Pop-Up Store from Friday to Sunday at Kaertner Ring 3 🙂


Pop-Up Stores! Say hello to fun & action!

Hello everyone!

Some of you might not be sure what a Pop-Up Store exactly is, some of you might be experts already and one or two of you might already have opened their own pop-up store. I think pop-up stores are a really cool new way to shop and sell products. Through my work at nextSalesroom, an online platform that provides pop-up shops for everyone, I already made some great experiences – but one after another.

My first meeting with a pop-up store

It was a rainy and cold summer night about three years ago. And everything was set: We decided to make all the way to Donaukanal in Vienna, against wind and rain, against laziness and comfort, because we were hungry! And yet, it was said, that we will get the BEST burger in town, just right there at the Donaukanal.

And what we also new was: We have to hurry, cause it was the VERY LAST DAY, to have that special burger, in that very atmosphere and on that very metal chairs we were about to sit on. So no time to lose!

What I didn’t know at that point was why everything was so unique and special about that burger experience. Now, three years later, it’s daily business. Not only, because you can find pop-up stores, pop-up bars and restaurants on every corner, but also because it’s part of my job now to work with pop-up stores. And NOW I can truly say that I’m aware of what I’m dealing with. Would I have known that three years ago, I might already have opened my own pop-up store. I’m not sure what I would have sold or what to put into that shop, but that doesn’t really matter. Because today I know:

Everyone can open their own pop-up store

All you need is an idea. Maybe a product. Or a concept, as everyone calls it today. Or a service to offer. Or a piece of art. Or the pop-up store itself becomes a piece of art, cause you can design it in your own unique way, just the way you want it and nobody EVER has done it before. With a pop-up store (more or less) boring items for example a broomstick can become extraordinary and amazing. That’s because with a pop-up store you can be creative and just try new things! You don’t have to make long term plans or contracts. You don’t have to pay rents that are out of space. Pop-up stores only exist short term – usually from one day up to six months.

And they can pop up EVERYWHERE: In an empty space, in a gallery, on a market, in a container, in a shopping center or as a shop in shop concept, which means that you rent a certain space like a shelf in an already existing shop. That also brings you different advantages: You can use all the infrastructure of the shop where you, or the shop staff, will sell your products.

That makes it as a shop opener very interesting and exciting because it’s possible to test your idea, concept or product, analyze the market, launch new products, start a sale, sell offline not just online, network and meet others like you. And that’s very important too: Learn from your experience through customer feedback and use it for new projects. But not only as a seller pop-up stores are fun. Also as a customer you will find happiness.


We all love variety and excitement

If you see something new in your street that’s already gone after two weeks you get all curious. We wait and hope that soon something new and maybe even more awesome will pop up in our streets. I do buy a lot of products, love good food, enjoy great cocktails and travel everywhere I can BUT at the same time I get bored really quickly. So, in my opinion, pop-up stores made my life a little more fun and flexible, because you never know what comes next. Pop-up stores are a unique shopping experience for customers and also bring many advantages for the actual sellers. Because the market we know today, might not be the market of tomorrow.

What is left to say?

I’m happy that I have fallen in love with pop-up stores and I can work with them (almostJ) every day. Remember the pop-up burger restaurant I was talking earlier? I won’t tell you anything about its taste but I will tell you that my very first experience with that certain pop-up grew on me. And I still remember EVERYTHING from that evening – how often can you say that?


If you want to have your own pop-up experience now, please check out #POPUPVIENNA2015!

From Friday, 28th of August till Sunday, 30th of August there will be a pop-up container at Kaertner Ring 3 in the heart of the 1st district.

From 10.00 am on Friday you can enjoy your day with local designers and entrepreneurs, selling in their own container! Or are you interested in selling? Check out nextsalesroom where you can rent your own space in the container.

If you don’t have time this weekend to come by or you want to sell on another weekend – no problem. The container event at Siebensternplatz is only the beginning of #POPUPVIENNA2015! You will find the container for six weeks every weekend at different top locations in Vienna. All the other times, dates and locations you can find here!

Enjoy your pop-up summer!



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