Being surrounded once in a while by people that think alike and have the same interests is the best. The time flies, there is nothing else in this world except you and your passion. This is how I usually like to take my “dose” of like-minded people, by going to different exhibitions/ events that are organized by/ for the creative people that express themselves through the things they create. Two weekends ago I attended Modepalast exhibition here in Vienna, and I was very happy to see new designers, to see their new ideas in the things created and have small chit-chats with them. This event is taking place once a year, in the month May at MAK Museum. So if it ever happens that you are in Vienna at that time, I highly recommend it. Except a great time, you can also buy some things that you know will differentiate you from the mass production that we are facing currently. This being said…enjoy the pics, get curious, and get inspired…

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