This weekend I got the chance to be part of the Fashion Camp Vienna.

Two days of different workshops and discussions very beneficial to every blogger provided by people with a lot of expertise in the field.

I attended the “Stitching meets print” workshop with Walter Lunzer.

Arriving there in the morning we were greeted with a very delicious breakfast by 12 Munchies and a lot of FAB bloggers with whom I got the chance to exchange some opinions and visions on our common passion. At 11 the workshops started and each one of us followed their team: do you own clutch, pattern, accessories, and us… Stitching ….

We got a very simple T-shirt and two tables full of materials and were asked to let our creativity flow. Immediately all of us started to work and with the support of Walter and his team made our ideas come true. It was a true delight to see the passion in each one of us and the dedication to our “project “. Completely different ideas but a great team all together.

For these two amazing days of my life I have to thank to the Fashion Camp Team : Maria Ratzinger, Viktoria Egger, Sophie C. Burian, Anna Heuburger!!!

Fabulous job ladies!!!

HappyFace in her full creativity moment…

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