Bowling Shoes


Some weeks ago I went bowling with some friends in Vienna. I played only once before (couple of years ago) and I was by far NOT good at it. Still, I like to try different games once in a while and just fool around. One thing I did not know was that my friends were fairly good at it. They almost had a “strike” after “strike” while I was lucky if my ball (or do you call them differently?) hit one of those pins. I entertained the whole group doing my dances all the time hoping that next time I will do better. They even tried explaining me how to do it, but it did not work.

Luckily I am not picky in winning, so I could enjoy my time and make fun with them of myself.

There are some more things I want to try soon. I want to try lasergame, paintball, pool, and maybe some other games if you have any suggestion?

Bowling Bowling Bowling Bowling Bowling Bowling in Vienna

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