As this week I am off to the Romanian seaside, I thought of sharing with you my beach cravings this summer. I guess as every girl, every year we want to have a new attire or we discover new creams, or new must haves.

For me a “Must” is to always get a new bathing suit. Even if I have many and I still keep on loving each one of them, I always want a new one to “show off” my body. It makes me feel more confident somehow. Also, another craving of mine for these times are the beach towels. It has to fit well with my attire or?

Here I made a list with my “Musts” for this beach holiday. What do you say? Anything else I should have on the list?

  1. Bonprix Stripped Bikinis – always in fashion and always a statement on the beach.
  2. The Beach People beach towel – that I am craving for such a long time. I still did not get my hands on it but hopefully soon I will.
  3. Asos Hat -perfect not only for the sun protection on the beach, but also for a summer dress during the heat days.
  4. Birkenstocks Sandals – these are my favourites for years now. I own 3 pairs so far, almost all designs and this is the last one I still need to get. I know it is a love hate relationship, and I chose to love them.

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