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    In love with colors!!! I could wear them anytime, anywhere, and almost anyhow… If you open my closet you would barely see black or dark colors. No matter of the season I always wear colors. I like the energy, youthfulness, and brightness that they give/ create. I stumbled upon these pictures that we took before our trip to Moldavia and I wanted to share with you this look. This pair of pants is often used and I find it easier to combine than any pair of jeans I have 🙂 You can add any pastel color as well as any very strong color and it will look summerish and chic.…

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    Last week together with my love we went to visit my dear family and to do some material hunt for our business. We spend an incredible time there, and I must admit that my bf impressed me even more. Apart from this, I also made a change that I will reveal in my next posts about the trip. But now starting with the beginning, traveling there… I choose to wear an very easy look as we had a long evening ahead of us. We took the flight from Vienna to Bucharest, and from there we met my mum and got in the overnight train to Moldavia. I know what you…

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    I recently got obsessed with STRIPES. I was looking these days in my wardrobe and I realized that I have quite a big number of items. I have dresses, blazers, t-shirts, blouses, skirts … I am missing some pants (on my wish list already). Why do I love them? Simply because they are always in. They are a must have in your closet, especially the t-shirt and blouse. So easy to combine to a skirt (especially the pencil ones), to jeans, to black pants, to shorts. This combination would guarantee a gorgeous and comfy look. By adding also some statement jewelery (especially a statement necklace) you are guaranteed an absolutely FAB…

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    A bit more sun but still not enough! I have to admit that this H&M dress is one of my favorite dresses at the moment. I love its simplicity and femininity combined together. To give it a bit of “sparkle” I added the pastel pink statement necklace. I feel amazing today in this outfit! I am wearing: H&M Dress, Necklace, Sunnies Zara Bag Max Shoes

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    The weather is making sure that I am relaxing this weekend… Being cold and rainy, I am spending most of my time in bed reading, sleeping, and enjoying the time with my boyfriend. Here we went only shortly out to buy some sweets 🙂 I am wearing: H&M Jeans Zara Blouse Benetton Coat Jimmy Choo for H&M Bag Max Sandals Forever 21 Accessorises