• In Berlin with Bonprix


    The only thing I have been talking in the past couple of months is my wedding. My friends might be bored of it, but until this Project is finished I will not rest. This is why I thought of sharring with you the things that happen to me on the way and that you should know. Let’s first start with 5 things you should know when starting to plan your wedding: You will keep on changing your mind all over again again about the deco, flowers, invitations,etc. At least one thing stays constant – your MAN (hopefully) Your parents might have always imagined a different type of wedding for their daughter and…

  • Wedding


    Dear Readers, I’m sorry it took so long to get back behind my laptop and write to you! I can excuse myself by saying I’ve been super busy (which I was). But the truth is, I wasn’t sure what to share with you. Even now, I don’t know really know, but when I opened the blog and saw all your comments, I felt like sharing a topic that’s kind of stressing me at the moment. First of all, for those of you who don’t know, I’m getting married this summer (yipiyayee). I’ve been dreaming and waiting for this moment since I was six years old. And now it’s finally happening!…