• Vintage Golden Blouse
    Streetstyle,  Vintage


    I am obsessed over this vintage blouse I got from my Grandmother. when I visited her back in Spring, I went through her wardrobe and picked some pieces that were still in a good shape and she did not use anymore. I found many pieces that I will share over the time here on the blog, but this blouse is the special one. It is the blouse my Grandmother wore when my Grandfather proposed, and this happened many many years ago!!!!!! I have to admit I start to like more and more vintage stuff that have a story. It simply feels different, special… Do you have pieces like this that…

  • HM,  Six,  Vintage,  Zara


    In love with colors!!! I could wear them anytime, anywhere, and almost anyhow… If you open my closet you would barely see black or dark colors. No matter of the season I always wear colors. I like the energy, youthfulness, and brightness that they give/ create. I stumbled upon these pictures that we took before our trip to Moldavia and I wanted to share with you this look. This pair of pants is often used and I find it easier to combine than any pair of jeans I have 🙂 You can add any pastel color as well as any very strong color and it will look summerish and chic.…