• homemade bread


    Just made this super yummy homemade bread and I cannot get tired of it. I have been wishing for such a gadget in my kitchen for years, but I never was sure which one is the right one. Some months ago I got the choice to finally put my hands on one and since then I became an addict- a bread addict. The smell of fresh air, the taste on melted butter on the warm slice of bread. I love putting all the ingredients in the evening and just pressing the button and ready! I am all ready to have a delicious breakfast the day after šŸ™‚ There are so…

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    THANK YOU 2015

    Thank you 2015 for such an amazing year full of changes, accomplishments, new friends, new adventures and much more. This year brought me some of the biggest changes of my life. Some personal and some professional. I could start listing them here but it would take me forever. This is why I just want to be thankful for each single day and each single person that crossed my life,Ā  because they all brought me where I am now. Here are some of my “happy silly pictures” of 2015! of my  

  • Vintage Coat - Classic Look


    It was a kind of vintage day for me the other day! All of you who have been following my journey here on the blog or on Instagram know that I posses quite some pieces still from my grandmother as well as many pieces that I bought in different vintage store. Why do I like them? Well, the ones from my Grandmother I like because it has a story behind the pieces and I won’t risk having same outfit or details as any other lady around me. In this outfit I am wearing a vintage coat and bag. These two pieces are big big favorites of mine this season šŸ™‚

  • First ApreciouZ Fair
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    I shared with you some time ago one first post showing you a bit behind ApreciouZ Brand (here) and promise to come back with more. I decided to start with the beginning, where everything started. For 3 months I am self-employed and living my dream. Together with my ex-boyfriend (in the meantime weā€™ve split up) I started the brand ā€˜ApreciouZā€™. It started out more as a hobby, doing something I liked doing and learning new things satisfying my curiosity. We were super happy to see that from the beginning we received a lot of attention and interest. Only five months after starting we were chosen to showcase our jewellery at…

  • Photoshoot - Behind the scenes


    Two weeks ago we did a photoshoot for the new earrings collection of ApreciouZ. For the first time I decided to model myself for it. Many of you saidĀ youĀ would like to see me more in front of the camera and not just behind, that I thought why not. First of all it was fun! As you know me, I do not mind being photographed and #makelovetothecamera. Plus, the photographer was Michael (my ex) who, except that he is talented at this, also used to takeĀ my blog pics and also did most of the #apreciouz shootings. Thus, we can easily say we know how to work with each other šŸ™‚ Today…

  • Mustard Colored Shirt


    A bit of mustard color never hurt somebody! I was never a huge fan of this color, but I do own some pieces. I have a Winter coat, I used to have some boots, and now I got some Summer pieces like the ones I wore here. It was a very hot day outside and I wanted to dress up not to sporty, yet good enough to run my errands on the bike. I opened my wardrobe and realized that I either have dresses, skirts or very short pants. None of these options were on my taste so I decided Ā to go and find something that suits my needs. I…

  • "Vintage look"


    A kinda Vintage Look I tried to put together yesterday. Mainly because of this super cool coat that I got from Zara last year. I purchased it at Sale and I use it ever since, and it is one of my all-time favourites. I like the material, shape and the design of it. It gives a vintage look to my outfits. Everywhere I have been people asked me where it is from. Not too many believed me. (haha) As the coat was the ā€œITā€ piece of the outfit, I went for the rest in a black and burgundy tones. Very simple outfit, perfect for some office hours (you might question…

  • Total Denim Look


    Denim look for the warm season! I saw this great outfit post from 5inchandup and I loved it. As I am not a high-heels fan (because I cannot walk in them not because I donā€™t like them), I reconstructed the look with a pair of flats and brought some colour with some ApreciouZ pieces. This is such an easy outfit to go to when one is lacking ideas and inspiration. Denim is and will always be there and never get old. Therefore it is worth it to invest in some classic statement pieces. I have this pair of high waist jeans since I was 18-19 and I still wear it…



    Today is such a sunny day in Vienna! It is for the first time that it feels like spring and as of tomorrow the rain and cold is coming again I better make the best out of it. I got as a present this easy breezy dress from H&M and I wanted badly to wear it. And as it is still warm but not THAT warm, I paired it with ankle boots and a leather jacket. I cannot get enough of this jacket!!! I searched for it for sooo long and now I feel like wearing it every single day. I got it from Mango on SALE!!! It was like…

  • True Fruits Smoothies


    I have made a new discovery last week in the field of smoothies. I loved smoothies and are one of the basic “ingredients” for my breakfasts. Yet, I always thought the good ones are just the ones that I always did at home. I doubt very much the smoothies you can buy in shops or they give you in restaurants. But doing every morning your own smoothie when you are running late to the office is not possible. Also I thought maybe doing it in the evening but nooooo – all the vitamins are losing their benefits- so again dilemma!!! How can I ensure I get my vitamins while not…