• Double Tree Hilton Hotel Review


    Some time ago, more precisely at the end on January, I received a very interesting tempting offer via post. It caught my attention immediately and two weeks later the tickets were booked. More in detail about this I will write in a later blogpost. Right now I simply want to share with you the great place I am right now. After a very long trip, we finally made it here yesterday morning. The moment we stepped out of the buss and entered in the Double Tree Hilton Hotel in RAK, I knew it will be a place that I will love. They actually had me at the first bit of…

    Streetstyle,  Travel


    Literally I am obsessed with this scarf. I think I have already shared this with you some time ago and you noticed it here on the blog every other post. The new look it gives to the coat and the coziness around the neck makes it just the perfect accessory for the season. Also it is not perfect just for a coat but also for any dress you are wearing. Just let if fall over your shoulders… Have you got already one of these pieces? How do you style it?   Zara: Boots &Coat // Gap: Jeans // H&M: Pulover // Six: Faux Fur Scarf

  • Stripped Dress
    Streetstyle,  Travel


    I was cleaning my camera earlier and stumbled upon these pictures I took on the last day of 2015 in the north of Holland. I don’t know what was in my head when I decided to wear this stripped dress for a walk on that day but I guess not too much thinking did I do that day. Of course the day after I was sick with fever for a whole week. Sometimes (many times) after getting out of the door I am thinking “what was in my head” … I guess not too much at that point or maybe I thought I could trick my body. Still, I am…

  • The Red Hat
    Streetstyle,  Travel


    This red hat is my latest obsession. I got it on sale from Zara and I am wearing it constantly. It helps with my “bad hair” days and it fits to any black outfit. Anytime I feel like adding something to my simple outfit I just put on a hat and a statement jewelry and I am ready to go! This outfit I chose to wear on my trip to Netherlands the other day and it was perfect 🙂 Zara: Hat // Mango: Dress // Calzedonia: Leggings // ApreciouZ: Necklace // Humanic: Boots

  • Casual Poncho kind of outfit
    Streetstyle,  Travel


    I scored this super cool poncho at sales the other day and it was love at first sight. I knew the moment I saw it that it will be worn almost everyday this season. For a first round I took wit with a super casual outfit while walking around on a warm December day (yes this is a “last year” outfit). Since then I am wearing it with almost anything and anytime. Sporty, casual or elegant, doesn’t matter. It fits to everything (at least I make it fit). How would you wear it? Shoes : Nike // Poncho : H&M // Dress : Benetton // Hat : H&M  // Backpack…

  • Short Escape to the seaside outfit
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    For Christmas this year I escaped to the Netherlands, the northern part. After landing in Schipol, we got in the car and started the “road trip”. On the way to our destination we made a stop in a pretty place in the middle of the sea to breath some fresh air and of course to take some outfit pictures. I have a bizarre relationship with Water. It gives me mixed feelings. On one hand the sound of the water, seeing it calms me very much and inspires me, while in the same time I am afraid of it. Weird or?

  • Izavel Varela Behind the Scenes


    One thing I want to talk to you about today, it is again  a post from NYC, but this time is not about me 🙂 This time I want to talk to you about this local designer that I met during the trip there. I will not tell you about how she does it and what she does. You can find all the details about her locally produced sustainable Fashion on her website here. I want to tell you about the person, Izavel. To start with the beginning…when we decided to go for a holiday to NYC we immediately looked for some nice Airbnb places in Manhattan where to stay.…

  • NYPD - casual outfit


    One more look from the NY holiday. Is the last one (or is it?)! This door I found it two years ago when I went with my girl Andreea for her birthday there and I really wanted this time to do an ootd in front of it. I was not very sure where exactly was located but I hoped to be there where I thought it would and it was. So I asked my boyfriend to get out the camera and I started posing. Some police guys came in and out while I was doing the “I don’t look to the camera” look, but none of them seam to mind.…

  • Strolling around China Town


    China Town – this is where i decided to take my first outfit pictures in NYC. It was not a special reason behind that, but it was the first time we did not forget the camera at home 🙂 As I just came back from a whole week holiday in NYC, I will start sharing with you some pictures. The whole trip involved a lot of walking so I packed only basic stuff, easy to wear and combine. For the first time in my life I did not get feet pain from all the walking. I felt super comfy and could (almost) walk for miles. We did walk one day…

  • Travelling Outfit
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    Last weekend I did a short visit to my brother and his girlfriend in Prague. She turned the “Dirty Thirty” and we had to celebrate it. It was a delightful weekend with loads of food, coffee, chit-chat, and a lot of jokes about getting old. I should have taken care with all my jokes around that because soon it will be my turn and if I have to “pay” for all my teasing this weekend…it will be painful then. But back to my outfit, because it is an outfit post and I shall tell you why I chose this very casual yet perfect for traveling outfit. Well, I just needed…