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    I decided that at the age of 32 it is time to try out new things again.This time I decided to give it a go to a Hostel and share the room with strangers. Just to sum up how I got there…last week I was in Berlin for Republica and decided to spend couple of days before that with my Hubby exploring Berlin. First we stayed together in a super cute Airbnb apartment and had some great days. We walked a lot, tried 6 different cuisines and enjoyed the city. On Wednesday my Repubica days were starting so he left earlier . As I wanted to have something close to…

  • Casual outfit
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    It is another day and another outfit. I am spending the week in Bucharest helping out a dear friend of mine with the preparations for her wedding. All the days are just about running around and arranging things. This is why having a super easy and comfortable outfit is the key. For me comfort consists in airy clothing pieces. Something that gives me mobility to do all kind of moves and not feel exposed or hold me back. Also the shoes play a super important role. For me they need to be flat (I have friends that feel comfy only in 10cm high heels) and as easy to put on and…

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    I love to discover new places and I am trying to do that every free weekend that we’ve got. This weekend we headed to Cesky Krumlov. I must say I was mesmerised by this place! Never heard of it before, but the moment I arrived there I simply did not want to leave again. Such  cute little place that gives you the feeling that time stopped and there is nothing else better in the world then walk around there, enjoy the views, gelattos, delicious food, and relaxing atmosphere. What places are out there around Vienna & Austria that you would recommend to discover during a weekend?

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    As most of you probably already know, my brother lives in Prague and this is why we go there quite often. It is relatively close to Vienna (4.5h drive) and has so many nice places to see and food to try. Actually there is also my favourite sushi place so far 🙂 This time we did not go there for the food and some fun, but to meet Brandy! Brandy is the new family member and she is a sweety pie <3 I tried to take some pictures with her but it was a bit challenging 🙂 She is so full of energy and clumsy now, like all puppies 🙂…

  • Traveling Outfit in Budapest
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    Some many weeks ago, together with my man, we went for a weekend getaway to Budapest. I have been there before but only in the cold times that I did not feel like leaving the hotel at all. This is why, this time we decided to go around and visit the city a bit. I must admit it is beautiful. So many pretty streets, buildings, shops, coffee places, and friendly people. I am planning to go again in August to enjoy it longer. These is such a huge list of the places where I want to brunch or have dinner, try their coffee, enjoy a drink by the river. Have…

  • In Berlin with Bonprix / Kalancea


    I had a great time in Berlin with Bonprix. They invited me back in April to see the collection from Marcell von Berlin for Bonprix. We had a lovely day visiting the atelier from Marcell and talk to him and get to know his idea and the way he does things. Then we went to the studio where the new collection was and had a great time choosing an outfit, getting the hair and make up done, and finish it with a great photoshoot. I leave you here with some pictures from #behindthescene 🙂 I got to keep the skirt from my outfit and it is currently one of my…

  • Safari Trip


    Today (with a small delay) I will share with you my experience in the safari. If you follow me on the Social Media channels, you already know that two weeks ago I escaped to the nice weather in UAE. There I spent most of my time in the complex where we wore staying, but here and there we could organize some “escapes”. One of them and the best one was the safari trip. We went in the afternoon to the camp. There we got on our quads and together with the guide we went off in the safari, basically in the middle of nowhere. It was soooo amazing to drive…

  • Turban and off shoulder blouse
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    I am back in cold Vienna and missing like crazy the warmth of UAE where I wore the whole time my bikinis, off shoulder blouses, silk pants, and turban. I know that generally I would not walk around like this on the street or open beach, but as we wore in a resort I could wear almost whatever I wanted. I went one day, together with  my boyfriend, in a mall and looking around, I did not see too many women being dressed up in their classical outfit. Most of them wore dressed up normally, just covering their shoulders and knees (and everything in between of course). There has been…

  • Classic outfit/ Tassel golden earrings / Palm trees
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    Got lost the other day in the palm trees (not)!!! I was just going out for dinner and as always having the camera with me, decided to picture my #ootn 🙂 As the beach over here offers a wide range of palms I thought to use them for a more tropical fancy background. I went for a very laid back silky outfit and added some personal creations (Pompom ApreciouZ bracelet and tassel earrings). Also I like to wear in Summer birkenstock. I know there is a loooong debate around them if they are fashionable or not and so on…. I wear them for years already and I will keep on…

  • Beach Style - Kimono


    I have been in love with kimonos for ages now and I kept on wearing them every Summer. What I like about them is not only the chic look it gives during the warm times, but it also helps with not showing too much during the heated afternoons as well as protecting from a sunburn 🙂 As right now I am Dubai enjoying the sunny weather, I purchased via Asos a longer kimono that I can also wear going to the pool/ beach. I just added a summer har and an ApreciouZ belt around my waist and voila! What do you say?