• Yellow coat


      A chilly day  requires to get out our coats and I choose colourful coats – to keep still somehow the Summer feeling. I have bought this yellow coat the other week from a vintage store and I am currently obsessed <3. I noticed a big tendency in my shopping habits to buy more and more vintage clothing and that makes me very happy. I like that it makes my outfits more unique. After the clean up I did in my wardrobe  one month ago, most of the clothing left are the vintage ones. Almost none of the pieces from H&M and Zara made it back up on the hangers. I know I…

  • Casual outfit
    Streetstyle,  Travel


    It is another day and another outfit. I am spending the week in Bucharest helping out a dear friend of mine with the preparations for her wedding. All the days are just about running around and arranging things. This is why having a super easy and comfortable outfit is the key. For me comfort consists in airy clothing pieces. Something that gives me mobility to do all kind of moves and not feel exposed or hold me back. Also the shoes play a super important role. For me they need to be flat (I have friends that feel comfy only in 10cm high heels) and as easy to put on and…

    Streetstyle,  Travel


    I love to discover new places and I am trying to do that every free weekend that we’ve got. This weekend we headed to Cesky Krumlov. I must say I was mesmerised by this place! Never heard of it before, but the moment I arrived there I simply did not want to leave again. Such  cute little place that gives you the feeling that time stopped and there is nothing else better in the world then walk around there, enjoy the views, gelattos, delicious food, and relaxing atmosphere. What places are out there around Vienna & Austria that you would recommend to discover during a weekend?

    Streetstyle,  Travel


    As most of you probably already know, my brother lives in Prague and this is why we go there quite often. It is relatively close to Vienna (4.5h drive) and has so many nice places to see and food to try. Actually there is also my favourite sushi place so far 🙂 This time we did not go there for the food and some fun, but to meet Brandy! Brandy is the new family member and she is a sweety pie <3 I tried to take some pictures with her but it was a bit challenging 🙂 She is so full of energy and clumsy now, like all puppies 🙂…

  • Pink Culottes Love


    I have recently decided to give it a try to this culotte trend. I was skeptical for a very long time, thinking that they fit only to super skinny girls and this is why I did not even bother to try them on. But…the other day I went own Zara to see what they have on Sale and buy some unnecessary stuff that I want. While looking around this salmon pink color attracted me thinking it is a skirt. No, it was a pair of culottes and exactly my size. I thought of giving it a try in the changing rooms just for fun. The moment I put them on I…

  • Traveling Outfit in Budapest
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    Some many weeks ago, together with my man, we went for a weekend getaway to Budapest. I have been there before but only in the cold times that I did not feel like leaving the hotel at all. This is why, this time we decided to go around and visit the city a bit. I must admit it is beautiful. So many pretty streets, buildings, shops, coffee places, and friendly people. I am planning to go again in August to enjoy it longer. These is such a huge list of the places where I want to brunch or have dinner, try their coffee, enjoy a drink by the river. Have…

  • Summer Casual Evening Look


    Strolling around my pictures, I found this summer casual look that I forgot to share with you. As seen on my social media accounts (kalancea), I was two weekends ago in Budapest to attend a birthday party and this was my attire. I chose to wear a super casual look and simply add some heels (yes for me those are heels). I felt so good in this outfit and danced till 5 in the morning! 🙂 I was the dance floor queen!



    Let me introduce you to my very old but a very loved animal print overall of mine <3 I remember I bought it on sale at H&M (paid like eur 10 for it) and was super excited. At the beginning I was not really sure when and how to wear it, so it ended up for a while somewhere in the back of my closet. I started to declutter my wardrobe recently, and like this I found out many pieces that might become my favourites in the coming season. This process of getting rid on the stuff that I do not really need will take a while, but an initial…



    BIRKENSTOCKS are my favourite shoes for Summer season! I have many pairs and have been look for something new for this Summer. I fell in love with these two pairs: here and here . There is a hate or love relationship. I choose love for the Birkenstocks <3 They are super comfy and easy to wear. Also I think they give an interesting look to the outfits. I own a white pair, a black pair and this is my third one. I chose this colour so that it is fits to anything I would wear.

  • Bffs time


    Today here on the blog I will introduce to you my bff. We met 6 years ago I believe and it was love at first sight. We wore introduced by a common acquaintance of ours and this is how it all started. We would meet on a regular basis, start calling each other to share our days, started to share our concerns and dreams, and slowly we gained the trust and respect for one another and this is how she became my bff. Of course it was not always pink and shiny in our friendship. We had ups and downs but somehow we always manage to solve them and not…