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    *Die Produkte wurden mir von Max Factor zur Verfügung gestellt.   We do not really talk a lot about my favourite beauty products here on the blog, but once in a while I like to share with to you some of my favourites. Generally I am not really a fan of wearing too much makeup on a daily basis and this is why it is important for me to have something that fulfils my expectations for the daily use. Since I am self-employed I work a lot from home and this is also another reason why I like to wear the basics when it comes to make up. A must for…

  • Glasses Obsession


    Recently I discovered Firmo…I have had the obsession for years of wearing glasses. Unfortunately (or luckily) he always said I have too good of eyes to wear glasses. Even if this is a good thing I always wanted to have a pair. I find they give an extra look, a bit of mystery to woman. There is a specific type that I wanted and did not find it until recently… The moment I saw them I knew I must have them. Even if I do not need them, I still want them to complete my outfits. They are so cute and stylish <3 What do you say? Do they suit…

  • One of my hairdo routines


    Today I want to show you my hairdo routine to get out of the house. I have tried recently the InStyler. I did not hear of the brand or anything about it before, and I was very curious to try it. I was never a big fan of all these type of things to straighten your hair or curl you hair. Yet, having a shorter cut right now, I have difficulties making it look nice in no time.  I use the brush which falls down over and over again, or I dry it in the wrong direction, or I simply cannot reach all the parts of my hair and at…

  • Sudio Speakers Casual Business Look
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    I don’t know about you, but I like to listen to music every time I am traveling, cleaning, working, relaxing or simply enjoying some time by myself. As I am spending most of my time on my way to work it is important to have a good playlist and a good sound. This is where the Sudio earphones come in handy. First of all, I am super satisfied with their design. Also, you know how annoying it is when you put the earphones in your bag and it takes ages to get them out again? Well this set is perfect, because you get a super cute small ‘bag’ to keep…

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    What can be easier to wear than a T-shirt??? This piece is a must and has been and it is in everyone’s wardrobe. Over time it took different forms, different colors, different designs, to fit to every single taste! The ones that make the biggest statement nowadays are the one that transmit a message, the ones that catch you eye in one second. This is why, Likoli T-shirts are one of my favorite choices currently: simple, easy to wear, and hilarious messages. As I wanted a lady-like, yet playful look, the Zebra T-shirt was my choice for today! 🙂 Likoli T-shirt/ Vintage Skirt & Earrings/ Accessorize Belt Photos by Michael…