• Rainy Amsterdam Outfit
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    Rainy holidays are the worst!!! I try to pack usually all my essentials to look “cool” while combining my outfits when traveling and still not carrying too much. I would never think of packing a rain coat for my travels, but when Netherlands is the destination this has to be in your luggage. I thought that it will be hard to pull off the rain coat with a leather jacket but I have to admit I liked the outcome. Unusual combination maybe but it protected me from the cold, wind, and rain. As now is very much in fashion to wear longer cardigans underneath your jacket, why couldn’t I wear…

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    “Showing off” at Belvedere!!! In one very silent night I dreamed about a simple coral dress that has semi-transparent sleeves in electric blue nuance… The dress was colorful and suitable for the office. In my dream the dress was also perfect for a nice cocktail night with my friends when accessorized with high heels, a statement belt and some fancy jewellery. As I am a strong believer that “all dreams come true if you believe and work for them, this is what I did the day after in the morning, made my dream come true!!! Couple of hours of work and voila!!!!! As a first styling, I accessorized it with…

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    Round number two!!! As I mentioned in the previous post, from the airport directly to the train station to go to Moldavia… I just wanted to show you the insights and the surroundings of our experience! We laughed a lot, mainly because of the way my love spoke Romanian and the vocabulary that he had and I was not aware of 🙂 All in all it was a great experience that we would gladly do it again 🙂 H&M Jeans/ MTNG Shoes/ C&A Shirt/ APreciouZ Necklace

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    Last week together with my love we went to visit my dear family and to do some material hunt for our business. We spend an incredible time there, and I must admit that my bf impressed me even more. Apart from this, I also made a change that I will reveal in my next posts about the trip. But now starting with the beginning, traveling there… I choose to wear an very easy look as we had a long evening ahead of us. We took the flight from Vienna to Bucharest, and from there we met my mum and got in the overnight train to Moldavia. I know what you…