Remember my deal for the next couple of months? If not, in short, I am on a shopping diet!!! I will not spend any more money on new things for some time and any time I wish for something new, I will do it myself. Thus my FAB readers, here is the dress that I am doing for this weekend 🙂 Well actually, here are the steps and the entire process of how my dress was made 🙂 And the final result in the next post 🙂      

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    Acceptance. We demand a lot in our lives and from the people that surround us. Still, do we give in return the same? I just encountered myself with a situation where I was constantly demanding certain behavior in different situations. My excuse was “this is how I am and this is what I need”. Perfectly true, people should accept us the way we are and not try to change us (ok ok small changes here and there are accepted) But, being frustrated in not getting what I need in certain fields I started thinking “do I offer what is needed if the situation is vice versa?  Do I accept how…

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    Remember I told you two post ago that I had a very creative weekend with my Friend Dunja? Well, if not, I am mentioning again. This time I am sharing with you the dress that we sewed for my NYE party! A combination of green with purple leather and an open back were exactly what I was looking for… what do you think? Did we do a good job? If you like the dress and would want one as well…just write me an e-mail. In the meantime, I wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR and looking forward to the surprises of 2013 that are still to come 🙂   KAL…

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    How to better spend your weekend than with my friend Dunja,after some material shopping, creating a few pieces for the Christmas holidays?!?!? This skirt is the first one that I am going to show you on the blog. It is mainly done from “left overs” 🙂 Stay tuned to see the rest soon:) Posted with Blogsy

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    Doesn’t it happen to you of having a party to attend to and have no idea what to dress up? And then you start going around all your favorite  shops to find the perfect piece and still not finding it? This happened to me this weekend so I decided to do it myself. After 5 hours work, the blouse is finished and I LOVE IT!!! What do you think? PS: if you would like to have one too, just write me an e-mail and we can do one for you as well!    

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    Back!!! Lately I am not very consistent in my postings, but (there is always a but) I have an excuse! Work (a loooot of work), traveling (not too much but still), PreciouZ (working on the new collection and on the next steps), hmmm…what other excuses can I come up with? ? ? Anyhow, as the weather is still treating us nice, I decided to wear my DYI skirt with a open back top. Have a great day ladies!    

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    Hi Fashionistas!I wanted to share with you something very nice that I did two weekends ago. Between 4-6th of May the 10th exhibition of Mode Palast took place in Vienna, Austria most substantial sales exhibition for fashion design. The place was full of creativity, colors, joy, cupcakes, diversity, and good taste. Crowded with Fashion lovers and unique pieces. Definitely something that I will keep on frequenting. For more details click here!  My favorite: TINCHENS   I am wearing: Zara Jaket, Sandal, Blouse KaL Skirt  

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    Well … we pulled it through in the end and we manage to finish our first “project”. I know I did not talk about it before, just mentioned it once or twice here and there…and unfortunately still cannot divulge everything… But from this post you are getting a small “sneak peek” of one of the pieces of the hard work that my friend and I were doing for the last 2 months. It all started with a pizza and a glass of wine J No, it was not the wine, but it did help our creativity at that hour (just kidding) Let me know what you think! And I promise…

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    Here it is another collaboration with A Girls’ “Yabou”. It took quite a long time for this post because both of us have been traveling a lot with work and we didn’t find time to synchronize ourselves (real “business women”). Couple of weeks ago I bought 2 meters material and decided to do this skirt…I always wanted to have one simple long animal print skirt…so I spent 30 min of my life and VOILA…here is the result!!! Combined with red high heels and a silk blouse makes it really look exquisite,what do you think ladies??? I am wearing: Blouse Zara Skirt DYI Shoes Aldo Accessorizes H&M Check out her choice…

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    Not noticeable but yet true… GREEN is my favorite color! Shoes, blazers, dresses, shirts, blouses, bags, accessorizes… I’ve got them all in green also 🙂 Today, I decided to pair this color with a stripped dress that I did myself last year. Hope you like it!