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    I keep on talking about the weather continuously over here and cannot help it. I just feel like justifying to you why do my outfits vary so much… from bare legs to UGGS, from UGGs to bare legs… As this weekend there was some sunshine again over here in Vienna, I took the chance to wear the dress I made two years ago… a classic for me – red with stripes (I <3 this mix)  

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    The week has passed by very quickly and I do not even remember what have I been doing everyday. I remember only work work work… This is why today I declare this my Relaxing Day, where drink tea, eat Stroopwafels, listen to music, read, and I get to show you some pics we did last week  wearing  my self-made royal skirt. Anything else that implies leaving my desk and my bed are a “No Go” !!! Photos by Evelyn

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    Had the great pleasure to attend this weekend the WU Ball here in Vienna. I live here for 4 years already and I have a long “Must do/ Must see” list, and this type of even was on the list. It is indeed worth seeing and attending at least once. Everything and everybody looks extremely elegant and sophisticated. I am sharing with you some pictures of the dress I was wearing (sorry for the bad quality). I am very proud of this dress as I did it myself in one day 🙂 and I really felt extremely good and classy in it. What do you think?

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    On a stormy day, my boyfriend wanted to make some pictures by the docs. As I am a very very good girlfriend, I did as told. I decided to wear the most adored electric blue skirt that I ever had (designed and saw by myself) paired with a white t-shirt. Perfect outfit for such a windy day and the shooting idea, don’t you think so? Photos by Michael Eichert

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    Another set of great pictures that we took at the sundown in Croatia. We spent the entire day at the beach, enjoying the good weather and the quietness offered by the nice places in Croatia. While waiting for the sundown, we thought of making some pictures of the dress I did last year. The idea was to be something light (silk material), versatile (the asymmetric length that makes it easy to be worn casually and also in an elegant way), and easy to combine to any color 🙂 KaL Dress Photos by Michael Eichert

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    A month ago my mum bought me this amazing Summer material to make a dress for her and I. Ideas started flowing, pages filled  with drawings and then the reality stroke… limited material! Even so, I managed to make two very nice dresses, using all the pieces. For my mum I chose a very simple casual dress which she can combine to flats, to high heels and change it’s look with the accessorizes. For myself I made it with a little twist at the shoulders, and also I left all the endings “unfinished”. Walking around beautiful Schoenbrunn like two “princesses” in our twin dresses  we got a lot of attention,…

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    “Showing off” at Belvedere!!! In one very silent night I dreamed about a simple coral dress that has semi-transparent sleeves in electric blue nuance… The dress was colorful and suitable for the office. In my dream the dress was also perfect for a nice cocktail night with my friends when accessorized with high heels, a statement belt and some fancy jewellery. As I am a strong believer that “all dreams come true if you believe and work for them, this is what I did the day after in the morning, made my dream come true!!! Couple of hours of work and voila!!!!! As a first styling, I accessorized it with…

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    You know the feeling when you want to do something, something big? And you want to have everything perfect? In the smallest detail? And we always delay and delay and delay because we are thinking that something can be done better? Well…it is wrong!!!!!!!! Nothing is perfect, and to be almost perfect can be achieved only by learning, and how do we learn best? by doing and succeeding and failing and so on. Thus, just go out there! Let yourself seen, your idea heard! Don’t be afraid to fail, don’t be afraid to succeed! just TRY and BELIEVE! KaL Dress/ All Shoes Boots (if you want the dress that I…

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    As promised, I am sharing with you the end result of my Creative Workshop (see previous post). I love dresses and skirts. I adore the lady feeling that I have in them, maybe this is why in the past time I am sewing only this??? When I saw this material I had to buy it! I liked the colors, the pattern, which makes it very easy to wear. You just need some simple neutral accessorizes and the dress does the rest. KaL Dress/ PreciouZ Necklace/ No name boots