The best thing to do on a day off is to relax and enjoy a vegetarian bbq. This is what today is all about. We tend to work so often and when we have time off we keep on working on other things, like cleaning the wardrobe, fixing some things around the house, and so on. This is why today I decided to take a REAL day off. It is more than a year now that my boyfriend and I are vegetarians or better said pescatarians. I am still eating seafood, but I gave up recently to fish too 🙂 It was for us one of the best decisions ever…

  • Yummy Pasta


    As you know me over here already, I am not the type to post recipes or anything like that. Yet, you might not know some aspects about me that I would like to share with you now 🙂 Let’s start with the beginning… since I was young I did not cook at all. I did not know how to do anything else then an omelet. Everyone was saying that I should start learning how to cook otherwise I will starve when I move out from my parent’s place. Later on I moved to Amsterdam with my studies and I had to start cooking for myself. I started with easy meals,…



    My first homemade ice cream!!! Summer started and so did the bikini season. Two things that one needs during this period are something too cool them down and a body to be satisfied with and hit the beach or the pool. Having to take these two into consideration, this is how I came to the conclusion to do my own ice cream. No additives, no sugar, no ingredients that I have no clue about, all 100% natural 🙂 I did two different tastes last weekend. First I cut two mangos and put them in a food processor. Once properly processed, I put them in the ice cream Ikea forms and…

  • Summer Salad


    Summer in the field of food is all about salads and ice creams for me. I like to experiment different types and I basically live on them during the whole warm season. I usually have my granola fruity breakfast, then for lunch a salad, and for dinner g ice cream (!!!!!!!). Crazy I know, but this is all I need. Today for lunch I prepared a delicious salad that I tasted last week when I had the picknick with friends. All you need is: Baby spinach Asparagus (fry it a bit in the pan with butter – approx.. 5m) Strawberries Feta Chees –          Oil & Salt & Pepper and Vinegar…

  • Vegetarian Barbecue


    This weekend was all about some vegetarian barbecue with friends.I got this book recently to get inspired and I think I did a very good job! We did: 1. rosemary potatoes, 2. lentils/ zucchini/ mint/ avocado salad, 3. feta& zucchini skewers, 4. stuffed mushrooms, 5. asparagus, and 6. a wrap. Was a bit of work, but a lot of fun and the end result was simply delicious! It is a loooong post with plenty of pictures but I want you to get the full picture. Ah I forgot to mention, for more than a month a decided to be vegetarian. Is not for health reasons but for ethical ones. And I…

  • Food


    What better way to spend your Sunday than with a creamy slice of raspberries cheesecake and a cup of coffee. I do not know about you, but it is very hard to find the perfect cheesecake in a coffee place. I have never tried one that has everything together: creamy and light texture and fresh fruits. Therefore, I have decided to bake my own. There are as well a lot of no bake recipes but I prefer the baked one and I encourage you to try it. For the crust you will need: 1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs (10 crackers) 1 tablespoon sugar 6 tablespoons  unsalted butter, melted For…

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    I declare today the official tart day. It is the perfect season for plums tart and the famous Tatin tart. Get ready for a sweet treat. Both recipes are actually really easy. Don’t panic.       For the plums tart, you need: –          Around 300g of plums –          3 eggs –          14 table spoons of sugar –          14 table spoons of sunflower oil –          17 table spoons of plain  flower –          17 table spoons of milk –          1 tea spoon of bicarbonate of soda –          15g of almond flakes   Firstly, cut the plums in half and sprinkle a bit of sugar. Mix all the above ingredients together and…

  • Food


    Sometimes, I feel like eating fresh raspberries or cherries in the middle of the winter. But they will never have the same taste as in the summer time and you cannot really enjoy the flavor. Therefore, in order to take advantage of the full flavor of what you are eating, try to eat as much as possible seasonal food. It is the harvest of the season and it is fresh. This post is a small guide to help you through the local market on your next shopping session. I have selected the most usual ones and I have inserted some notes on how you can use them. IN SEASON NOW  …

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    What do we ladies enjoy in our lives most? Fashion? YES Traveling? YES Food? YES I know the list could continue- but I think these are the basics 🙂 Looking at the top 3 joys, I noticed that my blog covers only two of them. This is why I came up with an idea 🙂 Don’t worry, I will not start cooking now- I do not want to embarrass my self (yet). But I will have “The Kitchen on the 10th Floor” sharing with us every two weeks some yummy yummy dishes and the easy-peasy instructions how to do it here on the blog 🙂 Thus my dear readers- stay…

  • Food


    FOOD! Who does not love eating? trying all different specialties, flavors… my boyfriend and I for sure do 🙂 Even if you would not think that of me, but I do like cooking. Not as mush as eating of course…. As I want to “show-off” a bit with my “chef” skills I decided to make a post with one of the dishes I made the other day. It does not have a name because it is done with my favorite ingredients and of course with what was in the fridge. I did grilled turkey file with basil and avocado feta salad. Simple, healthy, easy to do and delicious. Btw, food…