As this week I am off to the Romanian seaside, I thought of sharing with you my beach cravings this summer. I guess as every girl, every year we want to have a new attire or we discover new creams, or new must haves. For me a “Must” is to always get a new bathing suit. Even if I have many and I still keep on loving each one of them, I always want a new one to “show off” my body. It makes me feel more confident somehow. Also, another craving of mine for these times are the beach towels. It has to fit well with my attire or?…

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    As I am trying to do a “shopping diet” again, I will instead post once a week my Cravings of the Day. Where it will show how am I craving to dress up on that day 🙂 Today I am in the mood for a basic outfit. It is very easy to create as it is composed of basic items that most of us have in the wardrobe. Maybe you do not have the exact colors or cuts or brands and this does not matter. It is just to create an idea which can be adjusted according to what our wardrobe has inside. Show me how it turned out 🙂…