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    Barbeque+ Friends+ Pool+ Sun+ Food= a Perfect day off Month May has quite some national holidays (lucky us) here in Austria. Two weeks ago we were invited by our dear friends to spend the day around the pool, chit chatting while eating some delicious food. The day passed by quickly and we enjoyed every single moment of it šŸ™‚ We made fun, got tanned, talked about men/ woman/ fashion/ workout programs (“Brazilian butt“)/ hairstyle/ passions/ entrepreneurship and eat very tasty food. One can not wish for better times and friends!!!  

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    How often does it happen to you that you check your phone every minute waiting for a call/ message/ anything and nothing is coming? To me that happens quite often, especially with my boyfriend… I send him a text (or I call him with no answer of course) just to wish him a great day or to check up on something very very urgent …. And as preciously mentioned, time is passing and I don’t get a call back or an answer…. I get angry , thoughtful waiting for him to reach back on me…. And then I hear my phone, the heart starts beating and I am getting very…

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    Breakfast, the most amazing meal invented! I love walking up and starting the day with a delicious breakfast, enjoying every single bite of my meal, having a bigger diversity and the time to enjoy it (mainly possible in the weekends in my case). The day starts in a better way with a long tasty breakfast in a good company where your “fresh” mind has more energy and you are just loosing yourself in fruitful discussions. I have discovered this passion of mine (yes, it has become a passion) only recently and I am doing my best to enjoy it as often as possible. Try it out…you will love it!!!

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    DYI – Pimp your jacket

    While cleaning up the wardrobe, we found this very nice colored jacket of my boyfriend. Looking at it for couple of seconds, we both decided that the buttons must be changed. The day after I went straight to my favorite shop here in Vienna, and bought 5 different colors, and sewed them instead of the black old buttons… He already got some compliments for it šŸ™‚ Ā and voila the result….   Ā     

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    I am in a such Christmas mood! This year more than in any year! Last weekend I spend the Sunday In Wolfgangsee visiting their authentic Christmas Market with my boyfriend šŸ™‚ Despite the cold and the big crowd of people we still had an enjoyable time looking at all the handmade things that people were selling there, enjoying the lights, the music, the punch… How are you spending your time before Santa’s arrival? šŸ™‚   Ā     

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    When my boyfriend spoils me, I get very creative in rewarding him for that. Know, being also his birthday, I decided to do something special. On his birthday (without him having a clue about this), I booked a flight to Frankfurt at 16:00 oā€™clock with return the day after in the morning. In addition, I made sure to get a nice hotel in the centre, equipped with all necessary for a romantic evening (candles, champagne ā€¦ let your imagination flow) J Arrived there, I got my stockings arranged, covered by a very sexy red dress, got in my high heels and went to pick him up from the officeā€¦ He…

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    Holiday!!! This is what start today for me… For the next two weeks I will be far away from office, e-mails, phone, colleagues, and all that reminds me of hard work! My summer dresses, short pants, t-shirts, sandals, statement jewelry, books, iPad, sunglasses, sun cream, are packed and ready to go!!! Before I leave, thought of sharing some of my instagram pics of the week šŸ™‚ Keep being happy and fabulous my dear friends!!!   Posted with Blogsy

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    Love! Is one of the most amazing feelings!!! Family love, friends love, partner love! The persons that are there no matter what, that support you even when you have the most crazy ideas, listen to your winning over and over again, put up with all …… that you are dealing with on a constant basis. This weekend I enjoy again the time spent next to my boyfriend! We discovered the amazing surroundings of St. Gilgen!!! Had a romantic walk along the lake, discovered some small peaks with great views, and enjoyed the time together. In times like this there are no words needed…. The feelings express everything! PS: hope you…

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    Today I am in love! Well, everyday (with small exceptions when my bf decides to tease me, but even then…) I am feeling those crazy butterflies! It is one of the best feelings one could have and one that heals any pain. Don’t you agree with me? I found this simple but yet lovely top in H&M the other days on sale and decided to buy it. It fits perfectly to my asimetric skirt and my new statement neon necklace. Off to Mondsee today, to meet my better half! Have a nice weekend everyone! Ā Ā Ā  Ā 

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    Yesterday we went to a Swimmingpool Party close to Vienna. Great weather ( maybe a bit too hot- but here the pool came in handy), interesting people, perfect refreshing drinks, and tasty barbecue. We wore greeted with a glass of Champagne upon our arrival, then we quickly jumped into the pool, got a bit of a tan, started the chit chating, prepared the grill, and it went on and on until 1 o’clock. These types of activities are perfect during summer, don’t you think so???