• Popup store Vienna
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    Last weekend I spend two days with #apreciouz at the Pop-up Store in Breite-Gasse 11. Together with Biaschtlbude , Veran , and Pop.Cut we exhibited and sold our designs there for two days. There you could delight yourself with some delicious Cake pops (the Zitrone one is my favorite), have a good chat and laugh with us the designers, as well as to shop some of our products. It was great time but also a melting time 🙂 In case you have not been in Vienna last weekend, let me tell you that the heat those two days was unbearable!!! I was very happy that some of you guys came along and I appreciate it…

  • Graffiti Wall
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    Doing outfit pictures next to some graffiti walls are my favorite. If you have been following my blog over the time you probably noticed that. Last week during my trip in Berlin, I went to RAW Gelaende where is full with graffiti and I had to take some pictures there. What I like about it is that it brings a nice touch of colors and joy no matter what outfit you wear. Also it did fit perfectly with new #apreciouz bag that will soon be available online.

  • Having Fun "Shopping"
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    I had so much fun doing this outfit shoot today!!! After a whole day in this heat in Berlin, after doing some sight seeing, and after an amazing show by Lena Hoschek I decided to do some outfit pictures. To be honest was not too much in the mood and when I saw this shopping cart I said to myself “Why not have some more fun?” Believe me those 5 minutes were the highlight of the day!!! And now I have to leave you and go to a party! Enjoy the evening loves! Kiss Bang Bang PS: Here you can see a short preview of some new pieces that will…

  • Casual Birkenstock Outfit
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    Touched down in Berlin today and ready for the Fashion Week!!! 4 days full of meetings and fashion shows. If you are following me on Snapchat (kalancea), you already know that I had a surgery at my feet on Friday and the only shoes I can wear are my Birkenstock. Therefore, please be prepared for the following posts where this shoes will be the only ones you will see in my outfits. It is not the best timing for me as the choices what to wear these days are very limited 🙁

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    Last weekend I did a beach getaway to the Romanian seaside. It was a 4 day trip but it felt good and it was reenergizing. I used this tome to get inspired, relaxed, and come back with new forces and ready to rumble. As of today it officially starts the new career path (more about it soon) and I needed it. Relaxing as it was, I still managed to keep my Instagram updated (kalancea) and shoot an outfit for you. It is a very easy yet perfect for the Summer night on the beach with a bit of tan. I did not get as tanned as I wished to but…

  • Business Attire
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    Since I was a kid I was indoctrinated with the bad image of the ‘business attire’. It was associated with banks, rigid and strict jobs, where creativity did not have a place. Growing up, my biggest fear was having to work for a company like that, which would have been a torture for me and most likely bring me in depression. Luckily, in the companies I worked for, ‘smart-casual’ was the ‘daily attire’ and ‘business’ only when we had customer meetings. Working in sale is a very challenging and interesting job where you have to know your business and also be confident about it and having the right outfit is…

  • Apreciouz at work


    If you have been following this blog and my social media channels, you might have noticed that I am the girl behind the ApreciouZ Designs. I did not talk too much here about this aspect. But as I received many questions regarding my designs and the work behind it, I thought to start answering some. For today I will start with showing you the way I work. Just some bits and pieces and I promise to come with more soon (if you want to see something very specific about my work just write me an email, or on Instagram or Snapchat). Currently my home is my ‘Atelier’ and my cat…

  • Picknick Time
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    As Summer is finally here, so does the picknick season start. As picknick is all about spending time with friends, having some snacks, reading in the sun, I decided to put together a picknick outfit (the way I see it). I must admit that I never understand the girls who go in mini skirts, low waist skinny-jeans or heels and tons of make-up. This is why here is my interpretation and view on what to wear for a perfect summer afternoon. It all starts with a easy breezy pair of shoes that you can easily can take of or put on, then a pair of shorts that let you be flexible…

  • My most casual Friday outfit
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    My most casual outfit to go to the office. I actually think I never wore something so casual and laid back in the office until last week. As you can see I went all ‘boyfriend’ style – boyfriend jeans, boyfriend shirt, sneakers and a new #apreciouz bag. If you are following me on Snapchat (kalancea), you might know the story of these sneakers. I bought them exactly 10 years ago in NYC. It was my first time going to the US and I did a lot of shopping – I think I came back with 6-7 pairs of sneakers and these are one of them. I did wear them very seldom…

  • Chilly days in Vienna
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    Chilly days in Vienna require to do some layering with the warmest things one can find in their wardrobe. I do not honestly understand the weather this year, but as I cannot change it I think it is about time to stop complaining and accept it. I am trying to make the best out of it and combine some of my Summer favorites together with some Spring ones and Winter 🙂 Crazy I know but it works! A silk white blouse, a pair of skinny jeans, together with a cardigan to keep me warm and a “manly” touch with the shoes and blazer. I felt so empowered and great. It…