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How often does it happen to you that you check your phone every minute waiting for a call/ message/ anything and nothing is coming?

To me that happens quite often, especially with my boyfriend…

I send him a text (or I call him with no answer of course) just to wish him a great day or to check up on something very very urgent ….

And as preciously mentioned, time is passing and I don’t get a call back or an answer….

I get angry , thoughtful waiting for him to reach back on me….

And then I hear my phone, the heart starts beating and I am getting very excited and wishing that is him and not somebody else just checking up on me or wanting to have a drink in the evening…

And then I see it is from him … telling me “I miss you sweety”… and I am back on the “pink cloud”

Does it happen to you or is it just me the crazy girlfriend? šŸ™‚

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    • Indy

      Upsala! Das mit der Kamera ist ein guter Eiadwnn! Sogar ein sehr guter! iChat oder Skype geht damit nur schwer, bzw. gar nicht (hat das Ding ein Micro?).

    • http://www.sgtotalmassage.com/

      Loved this post. It is amazing that on a day where most people were housebound you were everywhere. I do recall days when my dad was in the hospital and sick visiting friends a couple of floors above or below him who had babies. There is comfort to this circle. I also have to see this movie, my older son is obsessed with that Jesus Christ Lizard, did a school report on it etc. When is it out/available? Can you offer a copy to one of your commenters? Thanks for the wonderful storytelling.

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      Used both your BINGO cards and Ballots for our Oscar Party last night with my girlfriends and we had SO much fun with them – we were on the edge of our seats till the last winner – waiting for them to tell their kids to go to bed and for the dog to take the stage! Lots of laughs and fun! Thanks for doing this!! I hope you do it next year – because this worked out sooo well!! Thanks for sharing!

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      How, oh how, do these people have their crap together enough to pull of a joint costume!? They are awesome! My husband, sadly, would be too busy also commiserating about the cost of the swings to ever consider dressing up himself…will continue to force my dog to dress up in retaliation šŸ˜‰

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      "By the way, sprinter Allyson Felix's combination of feminine and not too sexy is very respectable."OK Steve, she's a good athlete, she's reserved and nice looking and she's clean; but it's getting a little condescending at this point. She's a sprinter, not Mother Teresa. It's kind of like what you hate where people give black athletes credit for NOT going to jail.

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