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Recently, during my honeymoon where I was mostly walking around in bikini, I noticed my skin. I noticed it lost it’s firm touch and it looks different. I know not all woman face this problem, especially the ones who had a sporty life and healthy way of eating, but let’s face it – the majority have not had the perfect sporty model looking kind of youth.

I did dancing classes when I was young but with 13 I gave up and lived until 3 years ago like a “couch potato” – I dramatise a bit, ok?

I had several gym subscriptions that I paid for years but never used them, I had many nights of junk food after clubbing, I smoked, I ate anything my heart desired and so on and on… most of you can relate to it no? Still given this lifestyle, I was blessed with quite a nice body and in a good shape.

Fast forward to now, after hitting 30 I noticed changes in my body (I already wrote about one of them in this post here) that I am not so fond of. The one I am addressing here is the “sponge bob” skin!!!

Looking at the holiday pics in my bikini with the sun shining on me I got terrified. What does Dana do in this kind of situations? I call mummy and ask her what shall I do! This is what she said:

  1. You are gorgeous the way you are – a bit of a saggy skin is not a problem 🙂
  2. You are married already why do you care? (this she said as a joke – just to be clear)
  3. But if the two did not help then maybe some external factors would such as:
  • drink loads of watter
  • do sports
  • eat healthy
  • scrub your body at least once a week in the problematic area
  • ALWAYS cream your body (preferable with a cream that contains caffeine)
  • once a week cream your body with coconut oil
  • once a week put on the “problematic” areas lemon juice and wait 10 min before you wash it off
  • drink pommegrade juice

Quite a list don’t you think?

I decided it is time to listen to my mummy and I am planning to do all these things. I promise to keep you posted if it really works – it for sure won’t do bad to take some extra care of my body.

If you have any other tips and tricks please share!

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