• Turban and off shoulder blouse
    Streetstyle,  Travel


    I am back in cold Vienna and missing like crazy the warmth of UAE where I wore the whole time my bikinis, off shoulder blouses, silk pants, and turban. I know that generally I would not walk around like this on the street or open beach, but as we wore in a resort I could wear almost whatever I wanted. I went one day, together with  my boyfriend, in a mall and looking around, I did not see too many women being dressed up in their classical outfit. Most of them wore dressed up normally, just covering their shoulders and knees (and everything in between of course). There has been…

  • Classic outfit/ Tassel golden earrings / Palm trees
    Streetstyle,  Travel


    Got lost the other day in the palm trees (not)!!! I was just going out for dinner and as always having the camera with me, decided to picture my #ootn 🙂 As the beach over here offers a wide range of palms I thought to use them for a more tropical fancy background. I went for a very laid back silky outfit and added some personal creations (Pompom ApreciouZ bracelet and tassel earrings). Also I like to wear in Summer birkenstock. I know there is a loooong debate around them if they are fashionable or not and so on…. I wear them for years already and I will keep on…

  • Beach Style - Kimono


    I have been in love with kimonos for ages now and I kept on wearing them every Summer. What I like about them is not only the chic look it gives during the warm times, but it also helps with not showing too much during the heated afternoons as well as protecting from a sunburn 🙂 As right now I am Dubai enjoying the sunny weather, I purchased via Asos a longer kimono that I can also wear going to the pool/ beach. I just added a summer har and an ApreciouZ belt around my waist and voila! What do you say?

  • Double Tree Hilton Hotel Review


    Some time ago, more precisely at the end on January, I received a very interesting tempting offer via post. It caught my attention immediately and two weeks later the tickets were booked. More in detail about this I will write in a later blogpost. Right now I simply want to share with you the great place I am right now. After a very long trip, we finally made it here yesterday morning. The moment we stepped out of the buss and entered in the Double Tree Hilton Hotel in RAK, I knew it will be a place that I will love. They actually had me at the first bit of…

  • ApreciouZ Event SS16 austrian designer
    APreciouZ,  Events


    Two weeks ago took place the first ApreciouZ event where I launched the new Spring / Summer Collection 2016. It was such a great event and more than I expected. We were full from the first moment we opened the doors and we had to almost kick out people at the end because they still wanted to stay. The positive reaction to the new colors and the Limited Edition pieces was great and I am so happy to see that so many of the guests made sure to purchase the new pieces as soon as they were available. I am so happy and grateful that I can do what I…

  • Tassel earrings / Kalancea
    APreciouZ,  Streetstyle


    It is all about this Tassels for me lately. I created this earring some weeks ago to see how they “behave”, how does it feel, how does it look, how people react to it… I usually do that with my creations before getting them online on the ApreciouZ. Since I created them I wear them almost daily and I cannot get enough of them. Yes, they are a bit opulent and draw attention to you, but they also make in the same time your outfit a little bit different. It brings some color, an interesting twist to a casual daily outfit. Of course they would look gorgeous also to an…

  • Glasses Obsession


    Recently I discovered Firmo…I have had the obsession for years of wearing glasses. Unfortunately (or luckily) he always said I have too good of eyes to wear glasses. Even if this is a good thing I always wanted to have a pair. I find they give an extra look, a bit of mystery to woman. There is a specific type that I wanted and did not find it until recently… The moment I saw them I knew I must have them. Even if I do not need them, I still want them to complete my outfits. They are so cute and stylish <3 What do you say? Do they suit…

  • His Jacket


    I took his jacket the other day… One of the many benefits living with your boyfriend. Whenever I feel I want something new to wear, I just open his side of the wardrobe. This time I saw this jacket and I knew I must wear it. Luckily it was a warm sunny day in Vienna and I did not freeze 🙂 He was not necessarily happy about my choice because he wanted to wear it but in the end I managed to persuade him to get another jacket. He always says I have good persuasion skills 🙂 Scrolling through the pictures you will also notice my little black creature refusing to pose…

    Streetstyle,  Travel


    Literally I am obsessed with this scarf. I think I have already shared this with you some time ago and you noticed it here on the blog every other post. The new look it gives to the coat and the coziness around the neck makes it just the perfect accessory for the season. Also it is not perfect just for a coat but also for any dress you are wearing. Just let if fall over your shoulders… Have you got already one of these pieces? How do you style it?   Zara: Boots &Coat // Gap: Jeans // H&M: Pulover // Six: Faux Fur Scarf

  • Flower Power girl


    Today I am a Flower Power girl 🙂 I got this amazing flower crown from We are flower girls and I became obsessed with it. I am now craving for getting a whole set for myself that can fit to whichever outfit I am wearing. For this pastel colours crown I chose also a more nude classic look. I think these head statement pieces will be one of the “must have” items this season. I can only imagine wearing an off shoulders Summer dress, gladiators sandals or espadrilles and one of these flower crown…. Mango: Coat // We are flower girls: Flower Crown // Benetton: Dress // H&M: Jeans //…