• In Berlin with Bonprix / Kalancea


    I had a great time in Berlin with Bonprix. They invited me back in April to see the collection from Marcell von Berlin for Bonprix. We had a lovely day visiting the atelier from Marcell and talk to him and get to know his idea and the way he does things. Then we went to the studio where the new collection was and had a great time choosing an outfit, getting the hair and make up done, and finish it with a great photoshoot. I leave you here with some pictures from #behindthescene 🙂 I got to keep the skirt from my outfit and it is currently one of my…



    Every first Saturday of each month you can enjoy a delicious brunch in Trendzeit having in the same time the chance to meet some great designers. I was invited to attend the first brunch event on the 7th of May. When I arrived there I was created by a lovely group of people with a glass of prosecco. I had a small talk with the other guests and enjoyed a tour of the shop checking out the latest collections. 30 minutes later we wore invited to take a seat and enjoy a delicious meal. Everything was vegetarian which made me very happy. We wore served so many interesting new delicious…



    BIRKENSTOCKS are my favourite shoes for Summer season! I have many pairs and have been look for something new for this Summer. I fell in love with these two pairs: here and here . There is a hate or love relationship. I choose love for the Birkenstocks <3 They are super comfy and easy to wear. Also I think they give an interesting look to the outfits. I own a white pair, a black pair and this is my third one. I chose this colour so that it is fits to anything I would wear.

  • Bffs time


    Today here on the blog I will introduce to you my bff. We met 6 years ago I believe and it was love at first sight. We wore introduced by a common acquaintance of ours and this is how it all started. We would meet on a regular basis, start calling each other to share our days, started to share our concerns and dreams, and slowly we gained the trust and respect for one another and this is how she became my bff. Of course it was not always pink and shiny in our friendship. We had ups and downs but somehow we always manage to solve them and not…

    APreciouZ,  Streetstyle


    There are so many new styles on the market, so many new trends, and must have pieces that sometimes for me can be very overwhelming. I like to wear very often more unusual combinations, not the classical pieces. Still the daily life and the surroundings are “pushing” me more and more to a casual classic style. Having to run errands everyday around the city makes it impossible to feel comfortable in a pair of hills or a nice dress. This is why I am making sure to have in my wardrobe a stripped shirt, a pair of skinny jeans, the classic leather jacket, and espadrilles. To make me still fall out…



    Yes I own a very PINK SWEATER and I wear it during May. The weather here in Vienna has been so weird these months that I am getting confused what to wear. To avoid any confusion and to fit to the colder temperatures, I decided to combine a pair of silk pants and espadrilles with a warm pink sweater <3 I loved it and definitely is one of my favourite outfits this season! I miss wearing so much color and cannot wait for the Summer times to wear all the possible color combos everyday!!!



    The best thing to do on a day off is to relax and enjoy a vegetarian bbq. This is what today is all about. We tend to work so often and when we have time off we keep on working on other things, like cleaning the wardrobe, fixing some things around the house, and so on. This is why today I decided to take a REAL day off. It is more than a year now that my boyfriend and I are vegetarians or better said pescatarians. I am still eating seafood, but I gave up recently to fish too 🙂 It was for us one of the best decisions ever…

  • Tassel ApreciouZ Earrings Leather Pants
    APreciouZ,  Streetstyle


    It is all about the tassel earrings. I remember when I created last year in July my first line of ApreciouZ earrings. I created a few statement tassel earrings and put them online to see what the #apreciouzbabes say about them. I was sold out in 3 days 🙂 They have been a huge success end last Summer and this season they are starting to be all around. This is why I keep on developing the designs and try to offer a more special different type. These ones were created some two weeks ago and I cannot let them go. I would wear they everyday 🙂 Good that I can…

  • Safari Trip


    Today (with a small delay) I will share with you my experience in the safari. If you follow me on the Social Media channels, you already know that two weeks ago I escaped to the nice weather in UAE. There I spent most of my time in the complex where we wore staying, but here and there we could organize some “escapes”. One of them and the best one was the safari trip. We went in the afternoon to the camp. There we got on our quads and together with the guide we went off in the safari, basically in the middle of nowhere. It was soooo amazing to drive…

  • Hoferfashion Total White Look


    A complete #Hoferfashion outfit! Yes you see it right 🙂 For me Hofer has always been something that I related to food, this is why when they invited me to see their clothing collection I had to go and see it. I was very positively surprised to see that I wanted each and single piece from there 🙂 They had on offer very nice and good quality clothing and accessories. I was asked to pick my favourite pieces and compose an outfit. As this event took place before I left for Dubai, I chose a total white look that I can take with me (you will see it in the…