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    Those extra Christmas kilos… I guess we all tend during Christmas to over eat, no? And we also tend to carry on some extra kilograms in the New Year? This was the case for me every single year since I remember. And as every New Year starts with new goals and plans, one of them has always been to lose those extra kgs and some others that gathered during the previous year. I usually had to keep a short diet and problem solved. Now…it is more difficult… I know that age doesn’t matter in general, but it does affect your body as we all know it. One of the things…

  • Wedding


    Dear Readers, I’m sorry it took so long to get back behind my laptop and write to you! I can excuse myself by saying I’ve been super busy (which I was). But the truth is, I wasn’t sure what to share with you. Even now, I don’t know really know, but when I opened the blog and saw all your comments, I felt like sharing a topic that’s kind of stressing me at the moment. First of all, for those of you who don’t know, I’m getting married this summer (yipiyayee). I’ve been dreaming and waiting for this moment since I was six years old. And now it’s finally happening!…

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    Lately I keep on hearing a lot around the discussion if it’s a good thing or a bad thing to ‘groom’ yourself in front of your partner. Personally, I don’t see a right or wrong. For me it’s mainly what you’re comfortable with, what you feel good about. I know couples who will lock themselves up in their bathrooms for a whole day to ‘make themselves pretty’. I know couples that have no issue whatsoever exposing themselves in their full glory when shaving & Co. And I know couples who do some things openly and some things when they’re alone. I bet you wonder to which group I belong, no?…

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    It’s impossible to satisfy everybody, so stop trying! This is something I’m telling to my friends nowadays. For a long time I tried to satisfy everyone around me except for myself, even sexually… There were times I cared more about how my partner felt without thinking of me. I’ve faked so many orgasms, thinking about it makes me sad. Being a ‘good Samaritan’ didn’t bring me much. But I think I got a bit side-tracked over here…. …so getting back on track. At work, with friends and with family, a lot of us tend to make compromises, taking into consideration other’s needs over our own. We don’t think about ourselves.…

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    Let’s talk about lingerie, the sexy kind! I’m a lingerie addict! I have a huge collection of different sets, colors, shapes, and anything else you can imagine (yes including the kinky stuff). I’m not a collector, I just like to wear sexy lingerie. Doesn’t matter if I go watch a football game or go to the theatre, I make sure to always have something delicate and sexy underneath… who knows what can happen (kidding…or not). My luck was to have a mother who taught me the importance of appreciating myself and my body. Not because this will make my partner very VERY happy, but because it will make me happy. I…

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    Let’s first start with me being WOWed! Not as a person (which I am to some people). But to the many positive impressions and private comments I got about the new direction I want to go with the blog. I honestly thought that only my mum and I are reading what I’m posting here. I’ve put a lot of thought into where to start. I want to share and hear your opinions on so many topics (note to self: make a list!). I would love to start with sex but I also don’t want to scare you all away. So, I’ve decided to talk to you about my first crisis when…

  • Vintage clothing

    I AM 30

    The other day I went to the Fashion Camp Vienna and it was one of the best things ever! This is not a post about praising everyone and saying how amazing everything was (which in fact it was and the girls as always did a wonderful job – congrats!!!), but about something that I finally understood for myself. I’ve participated to one of their first events when we were still a small group of ambitious and passionate bloggers who wanted to share our stories, outfits and make virtual friends. It’s great to see how the scene  in Austria developed in the last 4-5 years. From a small group of 15 girls…

  • Yellow coat


      A chilly day  requires to get out our coats and I choose colourful coats – to keep still somehow the Summer feeling. I have bought this yellow coat the other week from a vintage store and I am currently obsessed <3. I noticed a big tendency in my shopping habits to buy more and more vintage clothing and that makes me very happy. I like that it makes my outfits more unique. After the clean up I did in my wardrobe  one month ago, most of the clothing left are the vintage ones. Almost none of the pieces from H&M and Zara made it back up on the hangers. I know I…

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    It is another day and another outfit. I am spending the week in Bucharest helping out a dear friend of mine with the preparations for her wedding. All the days are just about running around and arranging things. This is why having a super easy and comfortable outfit is the key. For me comfort consists in airy clothing pieces. Something that gives me mobility to do all kind of moves and not feel exposed or hold me back. Also the shoes play a super important role. For me they need to be flat (I have friends that feel comfy only in 10cm high heels) and as easy to put on and…

  • Brunch Club Vienna


    This coming Sunday will take place the third Brunch Club Vienna.The third one!!! I still remember when everything started at the beginning of this year … when Alice and I had a coffee where we talked about work, about passions, and social media. Like this we discovered a huge comment passion we had – BRUNCH!!! Little did we know that some weeks later we would find that first opportunity to pun into action an idea we had. In February 2016 we hosted our first pop-up event and we had tremendous fun that we immediately started planning the second one, and now the third one… We usually start with 2-3 weeks…