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    The “boyfriend” jeans/ shorts have really become a must in every girl’s closet. I see them around a lot, combined to so many styles, that it drives me crazy (of pleasure). I own for the moment only the shorts (did not find the perfect jeans yet), and they are a life savior in the summer time! I wear them to the market with a pair of converse and a t-shirt, I wear them for a brunch paired with a more classy pair of sandals and twisted shirt, and I also wear them in the night dancing paired with a statement pair of shoes, simple blouse and many accessorizes. For today…

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    BE OUR APreciouZ MODEL

    A very known fact that already is to all of you, is that together with my boyfriend we started a handcrafted jewelery business made out of silk and satin ropes. We have been many times asked “How do your pieces  look on a person? To an outfit? How are the sizes?etc…” So we decided to start a series of photo-shoots with people we know, with people we do not know to show to all of you different type of persons, colors, structures, styles. There is an APreciouZ for each one of you ladies and we just want to help you find it 🙂 First photo-shoot started with my BFF Andreea…

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    I have been absent around here lately … but I am going to use the same excuse that we all have (which in most of the cases is true- like this time) – “I was super busy!!!” Still I would like to share how my past days looked like via instargram 🙂  

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    Ops I did it again! Yes Iubitu, it is you in this post 🙂 I like very much the style of my boyfriend (yes I might be blind because of the love, butterflies in the stomach and so on). I enjoy seeing men embracing the bright colors, and wearing them with much confidence. This is something that my bf is a “master” in. Plus he is wearing the first ever men APreciouZ bracelet. Do you like it?   PS: I LOVE YOU!     Photos by Kalancea

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    Being first know and used as a costume for different sports, and later entering the runways, nowadays the jumpsuits are a statement piece that are almost in any woman’s closet. During the years they got different shapes, different colors, to satisfy any woman out there (no matter of the body shapes, colors, styles). From the sporty jumpsuit that can be worn to a converse, or sandals for a walk, a barbeques day… to the elegant ones that together with some heels and some elegant accessorizes brings out the sensuality in any woman. In this post I am wearing a “two in one jumpsuit”. What do I mean by that? Matching it…

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    Some time ago, I did a short visit to my grandmother. She is a person that I love with all my heart and who made my summer holidays always a blast. I learned a lot from her, especially in the creative “department” (but more about this in the next post). I wanted to share with you all the simplicity of life that she is having being happy and healthy. I love spending time there to recreate, relax and recharge the batteries. The quietness, the fresh air, the  nature, the fresh food from the garden, and the feel of my grandmother around me offer all that. In its simplicity you find…

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      I recently cleaned up my wardrobe and I threw away the things that I did not wear the last year at all! (this is the way to check what must stay and what must go, isn’t it?) I found this Zara dress that I bought I think 4 years ago for a Summer party, and which I do not think I wore it ever after.  This is why it went to the “must go” box. As the weather in Vienna was very warm in the weekend, my boyfriend decided to take me for a walk at Hermesvilla here in Vienna. Emperor Franz Josef I. gave the Villa as a present…

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    I really love my new haircut! I have been letting my hair grow for a very long time and I loved the fact that it offered me so many hairstyle opportunities and also brought a lot of compliments. Yet, it started 2 months ago to annoy me every day more and more. I felt it was time for a change but to be honest I was so undecided if to do it or not. I do not like the option in between. For me you either have long or short! I thought, I asked around, I tried wigs, changed my mind MANY times and finally, when I was in Moldavia…

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    There is this nice place in the Old Bucharest that has a very delicious lemonade and a great relaxing atmosphere- French Bakery Every time I am traveling home, I always go around and treat myself with some of their sweets and of course “The Lemonade“! This is something I really miss here in Vienna, the real home-made lemonades that you have as an option almost in every place. Also, I still did not find here a place where I can say that this is “my favorite place”, a place where you can feel like home, enjoy everything of it and be the first option in your mind when you want…