Total Jeans Look
APreciouZ,  Streetstyle


A total jeans look is what I chose the other day. In one afternoon, when it was sunny here that i could wear shorts, I decided to wear this shoes that I bought some years ago and forgot about them. I was not sure with what to pair them so a simple denim look was just easy. I loved how it all turned out <3

I just must admit that after 30min I had to change the shoes because my feet could not handle it any longer. Since I had the toe surgery this Summer, I did not wear too many heels and I am completely feeling unstable when wearing some. I guess now in Autumn I will have to wear more often some of my “heels” boots and get again comfortable with them. You might ask yourself why do I go thought this trouble and not just simply wear flats? Well, I like how my legs look like when I wear heels and o some outfits it just looks much better doesn’t it?

Total Jeans Look Total Jeans Look Total Jeans Look Total Jeans Look Total Jeans Look Total Jeans Look

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