My mum is my best friend!

She is the one to whom I run to when I have a problem, when I need an advice, a shoulder to cry on, a success to share, a story to tell, and a push to keep on going.

I have been very lucky to have with her an amazing connection and to be so close (even if we are still so apart). She tough me what I know, she helped me in developing myself, in finding my way, in being who I am and for all this I am very grateful.

Also the taste of style, is something that since I was a your little girl I admired at her. She was always up to date with the fashion trends, she always liked to search for the special more unique pieces, and she inspired me in wanting to be like her when I grew up.


Bio Frozen Yogurt with strawberry Vienna Kalancea Blue pants white shirt cord rope necklace Red New Yorker Summer Sneakers Unique Custom APreciouZ Cord Rope Necklace Knot

My Mum is wearing H&M T-shirt/ Orsay Trousers/ APreciouZ Necklace/ New Yorker Shoes

Photos by Michael Eichert


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