APreciouZ,  Streetstyle


The SUMMER is gone and this makes me very very sad!!!

My jackets are back in my daily wardrobe, and so are the long pants, pullovers, warmer shoes…

On one hand I like it very much because now we can get back to layering, more interesting combos, and maybe wear all our clothes in one season (I like dreaming I know).

But I love my tan too!!! Staying around the pool, drinking tasty summer drinks, eating bunch of ice-cream (uhhh I love love ice-cream), going out and wearing a summer cocktail dress…

Why can’t I have both at the same time???


Angel Blue APreciouZ Colorful Cord Rope Necklace Angel Blue Elegant APreciouZ Silk Cord Rope Necklace_ APreciouZ Lime Cord Rope Bracelet APreciouZ Silk Summer Bracelet Lafayette Bag Casual Streetstyle converse outfit Grey Sued Handbag Pull and Bear Jacket Hand pink nail polish Jeans Rain White Converse Lafayette Bag Casual streetstyle Kalancea

Zara Jeans (similar here)/ Converse (similar here)/ Pull&Bear Jacket (similar here)/ APreciouZ Jewelry/ Forever21 Shirt (similar here)

Photos by Michael Eichert


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