.. you just behave silly and are incredibly happy!

Some time ago we (APreciouZ team-my boyfriedn and I) were featured on Tictail as Store of the week (see article here). We sent to them a bit about our background and how our start-up began.

We wanted to shre with them some pictures that represent us as a team, as a couple, so that you can make a slight idea who is behind APreciouZ jewelry.

We took advantage of a friend who was visiting us at that point ans started to fool around in front of the camera.

Herewith, I am sharing some of the funny pitures that we made, and of course for the Tictail article we choose some more serious ones.


Gründer von APreciouZ Schmuckdesign Kordelschmuck APreciouZ Couple Founders APreciouZ Founders Dana&Michael Cord Rope Jewelry Cord Rope Tie Necklace APreciouZ Founder Dana Founder APreciouZ Pink Queen Necklace The Kiss Rope Bracelets

H&M Dress/ APreciouZ Accessorizes

Photos by Carmen Hasovschi



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